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Thinking About “Going Dutch?” Think Again…

“Going dutch” during a date is a risky move – here are some reasons you might not want to do it.

August 14th, 2015 by Christina

Summer Love or True Love?

Could the summer heat be leading you on? Here are some surefire signs to tell if it really is true love.

August 7th, 2015 by Christina

Understand the Inner Workings of a Woman’s Mind: The Ultimate Guide

When Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, a lot can get lost in translation. Unfortunately, this language barrier can cause a ricochet of unholy events and chaos in your relationship and life.

June 29th, 2015 by Danielle

Hot Summer Romantic Getaways

With the summer heat on full blast, there are a number of romantic getaways that can create that summer to remember for you and your special woman. Here are some suggestions on ways to ignite the fire of passion this summer.

June 25th, 2015 by Christina

Handling “FINE”: Your Guide to Survival

How to handle when a girl says she’s “fine” – a one-syllable word with a lot of connotations.

June 14th, 2015 by Danielle

How to Emotionally Connect with a Woman During Sex

Not all women think men are mindless creatures enslaved by raging hormones. Here’s how to emotionally connect with a woman during sex.

June 2nd, 2015 by Francesca

How to Dress for Date Night

Whether you’ve been with your significant other for 25 years or this is a first date, when date night comes, you need to dress to impress.

June 1st, 2015 by Danielle

Breaking News! Date Nights Don’t Have To Break The Bank!

Guess what? You’ve been doing date nights all wrong! In order to woo your date, you DON’T need to spend an arm and a leg.

May 24th, 2015 by Danielle

Long-last the Fun or Long-Last the Discomfort

The catch is; size and endurance don’t matter. Just because you can run a marathon with your penis does not mean that it is more or less enjoyable.

May 21st, 2015 by Danielle

Why you got Friend Zoned

It’s time for some tough love: chances are, you are in the friend zone for a reason. We conducted a poll, and have 5 reasons why that is likely the case.

December 19th, 2012 by admin
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