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Your Sperm Smells!

Ever wonder what kind of effect the foods you eat have on your sperm, specifically the odor of your sperm?

October 21st by Dayna

The Best Ab Crunching Exercises for Pre-Winter Bloat

The best ab crunching exercises to help you quickly blast their your daily workout with sacrificing too much time or effort – and help you through those winter blues.

October 10th by Anna Jones

Men’s Outerwear for Fall 2016

Before reaching for your regular go-tos, consider updating your outerwear to these fashionable hits for fall 2016.

October 6th by Francesca

Amp’d Up Underwear

But behold the greatest – dare we say nuttiest – things to happen to briefs that might just put an end to all the tug of war.

September 30th by Christine Morrison

Men’s Fall Fashion for the Office

Fall fashion isn’t just for those who are going back to school or who like to follow trends. It’s also for the office goer.

September 26th by Francesca
holding-hands-1149411_640 (1)

Simple Things to Do Each Day For a Stronger Relationship

Being in a happy and healthy relationship takes both people getting on the same page in the first place, but also staying there with renewed commitment every day.

September 23rd by Kate Ferguson

The Right Cut For The Right Butt

“Dos and don’ts” to dress your best and to always impress and show off what you do or don’t have.

September 12th by Dayna
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