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Breaking News! Date Nights Don’t Have To Break The Bank!

Written by Danielle, Sunday, May 24th, 2015 in Dating Columns, Featured, Sex & Dating

datenightGuess what? You’ve been doing date nights all wrong! In order to woo your date, you DON’T need to spend an arm and a leg. I know this seems preposterous, but trust me, some of the most affordable dates can and will be considered the most intimate and romantic!

While, yes it’s true, dinner and movies seems to be the most traditional way to go for date night, but there are so many other fun and exciting dates that can really make you shine in your partners’ eyes!  And, bonus, you will end up saving so much money without them even realizing it!

Don’t get me wrong, I love food and I love to eat, I think we can all agree there, but eating out is super expensive! Think about what you’re spending for a minute! First, you’re paying for two, not just one, so already you’ve doubled your bill.  You have the first round of wine with appetizers, the appetizer to share, the second round of wine with dinner, dinner, and desert! Right there, you’ve spent over one hundred dollars, and that’s if you stick to ordering the less expensive pasta dish!  And that’s just dinner! I love movies, going to the movies, and movie theater popcorn! There’s just something about that amazing butter that they drizzle on their popcorn that makes it taste so much better.  It’s mind blowing, literally. But it’s also expensive, and boy, can that add up. You’re spending twenty-five dollars without tax, just for the tickets. Then you’re spending another thirty bucks on the popcorn and two waters, even more if you get soda or candy. I mean it adds up, and fast!

Now, I’m not saying don’t go to the movies, or don’t go out to eat for date night. Those things are so much fun, and when there’s a new movie out that you want to see, go for it! But, I’m just saying that every date night does not need to turn into a two hundred dollar plus affair; especially when taking my advice will turn this date night into a morning coffee, as well. Intrigued yet?

Rather than doing the typical dinner and a movie that is present in every cliché and every single relationship time after time after time, do something different! If you’re close to DC or near water, pack a picnic, or buy premade sandwiches and a macaroni salad from the grocery store, and take her canoeing or paddle boating during the day. This is such a killer thought! Personally, I don’t know how long my pants would stay on if someone took me canoeing. It’s thoughtful, romantic, and intimate, you can even bring your own wine! This is perfect for a day date. Rather than doing the date night, plan this for a Saturday or Sunday and enjoy the beautiful weather, the sun, and the guarantee that you’re getting lucky that night because your partner is so into you at that moment! And, enjoy the fact that you saved yourself almost two hundred dollars! Canoe rentals average from $8-$12/hour, or just $24 for the whole day; winner!

Women love this! They know that you are the big macho man and that at any point, if they feel scared or alone, you can be there to wrap your big burly arms around them and “be the man that you are.” They also know that you can joke, kid, tease, and be sarcastic. But, what they don’t see often is your sweet, intimate, and caring side. Doing this one thing really shows them the romantic side of you, and romance is crucial for the bedroom.

For the adventurous and explorative couple, go hiking! It’s one hundred percent cost free! Make it a whole day trip. Activities are awesome and a great bonding experience for you and your significant other! You will be able to chat and laugh, relax, and take in nature. It is such a great stress relief for those busy working individuals, and a great way to really enjoy the outdoors. Bring a backpack and some nature valley bars or snacks and water and you’re all set. Plus, afterwards, the two of you can share in a hot steamy shower where you can really heat things up and get down and dirty.

If fun and excitement, mixed with adrenaline is more your couple style, do something along those lines! Go paintballing or laser tagging! Even though she seems girly, breaking her out of her shell can really be an experience. I mean if you have to sit through a car ride listening to Shania Twain or Taylor Swift for her, she can stand to get rocket launched by a paint grenade! It’s only fair.

For those just looking for something different, something new, something exciting and thought provoking, plan a museum day! Museums are open to the public to go to and they don’t cost anything! This is such a great thing to do! Walk through the history Museum, the Art Gallery, and definitely take your date down the galaxy-star walkway! It’s so amazing and they will love being the star of your life! Plus, you will have such a good time seeing all the attractions and exhibits and the many, many different museums that time will fly!

Looking for something far-fetched? Take a painting class! Don’t get your panties in a bunch here, I suck at art, but it’s so much fun to get your hands dirty! Then afterwards, or even during depending on where you go, you can grab some drinks and enjoy the night!

If you want to turn up the heat and turn up the romance, make it an at-home date. No, seriously! These are amazing, and the sexiest things ever! Draw up a bubble bath, light some warm French vanilla candles or caramel scented candles, and don’t forget to buy a bottle of her favorite wine! You might spend $20 on the candles and wine combined! You can even slice up some cheese and/or strawberries to have nearby.  Then simply have some true quality time with her in a relaxing atmosphere with wine and candles. Both of you will be relaxed, enjoying the tranquility, the warmth, and of course, each other’s naked bodies.  Give her a massage while in the bath tub together and the mirrors won’t be the only thing steaming up.

Let’s say you’re not really feeling the intense amount of romance and seduction that comes from a bubble bath and wine, no problem! Having a night in can still be a ton of fun, with a side of toe clenching, sheet tossing, explosive, erotic, orgasmic affection. Of course, wine, in my book, is always a plus, however, not necessary. If you and your partner don’t drink or are on a health kick, no worries! Supplement the alcohol with a single stem rose. It’s classy, sexy, and lets her know you planned ahead and that this was not some last minute half-ass attempt at date night. But, having a night in is so relaxing and enjoyable. If you know how to cook, do so! Cooking together is so much fun, or you can simply give her a glass of wine while you prepare the finishing touches. If you really want to wow her, cook with wine. I’m serious! If cooking steak, sauté mushrooms or onions in a red wine sauce. The garnish alone will floor her! The two of you can hit the sheets or snuggle up to a nice movie on the couch.

When you’re in the need of a serious “I’m so sorry I fucked up,” date, make it dinner under the stars. Nothing is as wonderful, or as forgiving, as getting away from all the hustle and bustle of the busy city life and lights. You can really shed a layer, shed the stress, and shed the worry when you’re perched on a blanket under the stars. All you need is a picnic basket and paper plates; the rest will work itself out. Plus, the isolation from the rest of the world will give you time to shine and for the two of you to reconnect.

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