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Summer Love or True Love?

Written by Christina, Friday, August 7th, 2015 in Dating Columns, Featured, Sex & Dating

Part II_one love_summer loveCould the summer heat be leading you on? Does the way the cool breeze wisps around her hair or the way the hot summer sun makes her skin glow like a golden halo have you convinced that she could be the one? Does the way the passion dances in her eyes, as she glazes at you across the sunset sky and the way she whispers in your ear, have you wondering if her love is real or only a fleeting infatuation? Here are some surefire signs to tell if it really is true love.

She is jealous for you.

It is simply human nature for a man or woman to become possessive over what they believe is their own. If she never appears jealous especially when there is a reason for her to be jealous, her lack of jealousy might then be a cause for worry. Her lack of reaction shows that she is not overly concerned about being your one and only, which likely means that she is still keeping her options open. So, don’t frown upon her minor moments of jealousy, she is instinctively protecting her position in your life. If she loves you, can you blame her?

On the other hand, obsessive jealousy is also a red flag that her feelings for you may not be as pure as you would have hoped. If she is jealous of every other female in your periphery including your female friends, female co-workers, your sister, or even your mother, then she may very well be head over heels infatuated with you, but she definitely doesn’t love you. Even if she justifies her behavior by saying that she is in love with you, subconsciously she is only seeking to satisfy her romantic fantasy or emotional needs for the time being. Her feelings for you are not pure and lack in depth. In time, she will move on.

She is empathetic, understanding, and accepting of the authentic you.

In order to love a man you must know the man, and appreciate the man for who he is including his bright side and his dark side. If she really loves you, she will have to have witnessed both sides of you and still accept you as a whole. If she does not know the real you, how could she possibly love you? Only you can determine how well she actually knows the real you and whether or not she really accepts for who you are or not. However, one tall-tale sign is that she doesn’t try to change you.

Many women, who are only infatuated with a man, begin what I like to call “Project Perfect Boyfriend.” They find a man, who they mostly like, and then determine within themselves that they will change the parts that they don’t like about him. Or, if they find the first method to be too tedious, they decide to completely teardown the man, and then reconstruct him from the ground up. Needless to say, this never works out well—for anyone.

A real test is to observe how she reacts after you’ve made a big mistake. Although she may obviously not be in good spirits after the incident, if she still responds to you in a loving way and gives you an opportunity to make amends, then you’ve likely found the one. It is pretty clear that your bright side outshines your dark side in her eyes.

She is accepting and loving towards your family.

Part I_one love-summer loveWhen man and woman unite through love, they become their own new independent family unit. Even so, it would also be naïve to think that their respective birth families suddenly become non-existent. If fact, a long-term relationship or marriage is, in part, a steady integration of two families.

If the woman in question does not make an effort to get know and come to love and appreciate your family members the same way she made an effort to get to know you, then you might want to question her sincerity. It is in a woman’s nature to want to bind and mend relationships with others. If she loves you, she should naturally be inclined to forge meaningful and lasting relationships with your close family relatives. Lack of effort in this department also shows a lack of interest and full acceptance of you.

She admires you.

When a woman admires a man, she goes a step beyond just liking certain qualities about him, but what is more is that she shows a deep respect for him and his judgments, and she genuinely trusts him and believes in his sincerity towards her. A woman, who truly admires you, will not constantly question you or doubt your abilities or your intentions. Sure, women can be quite emotional and rather changeable, but if her behavior shows a direct fear or mistrust in you, then it is very likely that she does not admire you nor does she respect you. A woman cannot have a lasting love towards a man, whom she does not respect and admire. End of story.

She follows you.

First, this sign does not imply stalking. Stalking is bad and will always be bad. To say that she follows you means that upon your invitation, she is willing to go where you go and accommodate her life to your situation. A woman who loves a man will forgo her independent life in order to follow the man who has won her heart. If the woman in question values her friends, family, career, or freedom more than you, then in whatever position these priorities fall in line before you, well…you can then guess your position in her life.

She waits for you.

Time is the test of love. The heart either grows fonder with time or more distant. In all relationships, there comes a time when partners will separate, whether it is by choice or circumstance, but this is the test. It is a feminine woman’s instinct to seek shelter with someone, who she views as bigger, stronger, and more competent than her. Willfully going against this natural inclination opposes the very nature of a feminine woman. If such woman willingly sacrifices the security and protection of a home and family that she could have with another man for the sake of being with the one man, whom she professes to love even in his absence, then she truly loves that man.

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