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Long-last the Fun or Long-Last the Discomfort

Written by Danielle, Thursday, May 21st, 2015 in Dating Columns, Sex & Dating

Sex and fitness are two very important things. Without one, you’re likely not to have much of the other. I mean, let’s be real, even just having sex requires some form of stamina. And let’s not forget, stamina is needed to please your lady. The catch is; size and endurance don’t matter. Just because you can run a marathon with your penis does not mean that it is more or less enjoyable. I mean have you ever durationsextried to have sex for an hour after all your “juice” has dried up? It is so not fun. In fact, it hurts, and there is nothing that is a bigger turn off than a guy that has the stamina of an elephant.

When a woman comes across a man that can just go and go and go, he clearly jacks off way too much. That’s not sexy. That’s disturbing, and weird. The first thing we think is of this guy can just keep on freaking going, he’s obviously constantly doing this. This means that he’s either jacking off way too much and in the most inappropriate places or he’s getting it elsewhere too.  This is a very BAD thing. Women have over-active minds. Now, don’t fee into that line and suddenly believe it is ok because a woman said it was to suddenly tell your lady that she’s crazy. That’s how you lose her. No more Long-lasting fun of any kind. If it’s a new relationship, that is a sure fire way to end up on the curb, or if it’s an old one, a way to end up on the too-small to fit you couch with a grungy blanket that can’t seem to cover your legs.  Ergo causing discomfort.

This is simply the fact. Women do have over active minds. In the time it takes a man to bluntly, in three short sentences tell you what he did that day, a woman has filled in all the blanks and the remaining ten hours that you didn’t speak of in great detail with her own formulated thoughts.  This means, that while you are so amazing in bed, or so you think, because you can last two hours, she has calculated exactly how much time there is in a day, how many hours you must spend jacking off each day in order to last that long and at what times you do it in order to have time for other activities. So, this now makes you a creep because, now you’re that guy that does it while at work. This too, sends her mind in overdrive because she’s now wondering who in the hell that you work with can be so sexually attractive that you can’t keep it in your pants and need to release the tension right there, at your job, the one place where you are supposed to have some sort of dignity.

Now, if you get the latter thinker, than you are just screwed. In this case, no matter the actual situation, your woman is thinking; because she knows exactly when the last time that the two of you had sex and that your sex drive should be at an all-time high and you should come quick as lightning because she has the goods; that if you last long, than it is clearly because you are cheating and getting it from somewhere else. Double-dipping is just nasty. I’m not going to lecture you if you do it; it happens. But at least have the decency to put a blanket on it in order to prevent the spread of anything. No one wants to get that news. But, if you do have that thinker, watch out. If you last longer than an hour, expect the china to be shattered, the lamps to crack, and most likely your head to hurt.

So, just because you’re a “stud,” a real “stallion,” does not give you a leg up. In fact, be careful. It’s either going to lead to a break-up, a back-ache, or a very unenjoyable night for your woman.

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