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Hot Summer Romantic Getaways

Written by Christina, Thursday, June 25th, 2015 in Dating Columns, Featured, Sex & Dating

summer date ideasWith the summer heat on full blast, there are a number of romantic getaways that can create that summer to remember for you and your special woman. Here are some suggestions on ways to ignite the fire of passion this summer.

  1. A boating trip. Unless she has a dreaded phobia of water or just can’t swim, most women romanticize the water scene. Consider an afternoon in a sailboat on a lake. For a less expensive venture, you can consider paddle-boating. Or, are you a bit more daring? If you would like to show off your manpower, how about taking her down a river in a rowboat or a canoe? Beware, however, as canoes are known to overturn on occasion. This outing will especially be in your favor though if you are a good swimmer. Hint: Ever seen the movie, The Notebook? Perhaps, this idea is a bit too dramatic. In any case, a boat trip is definitely a full day event, and you will get loads of quality alone time with her. She will love and appreciate this time to be able to share her feelings with you and emotionally connect with you. It is also a great opportunity to show off your manly protective side, making her feel safe and secure with you. If well-planned, this kind of outing could definitely take your relationship to the next level.
  2. A picnic. Whether you encourage her to prepare snacks for the both of you or you decide to order take-out, an old-fashion picnic is a surefire way to go. She will appreciate your classic romantic sentiment, and it may be an opportunity to sample her cooking as well. Deciding on the location for the picnic also gives you lead way to set the mood for your date. You could choose a park, local or remote, the beach, or a theme park and so on. A picnic gives way for much versatility. It keeps it simple and inexpensive.
  3. If she is an outdoorsy person, hiking a trail through a park or along a mountain trail will be an invigorating excursion. Depending on the course and the location, a hiking trip can easily take one or two days or even longer. You could organize it for just the two of you, or you could make it a group date. If she is the type who isn’t so adept to the outdoors, this could be your opportunity to show your survival expertise by navigating the trails, finding natural food resources, and setting up a camp. By the way, the campfire scene is extremely romantic. Take advantage of it. And don’t forget to bring the marshmellows and lots of chocolate!
  4. A petting zoo or horseback riding. If she is an animal lover, why don’t you take her to a petting zoo? Animals are so cute and funny. The setting will make for easy conversation. Also, women favor men who love animals. Subconsciously, women perceive these men as gentler and more caring, which make for good fathers. Even if you are not thinking that far down the line yet, it is still worth the consideration for scoring bonus points with her right now. If you are a more adventurous couple, you might consider horseback riding. The thrill will create a great energy and likely heighten the chemistry between the two of you. Even if you or your significant other has prior experience in horseback riding, it can still deepen your bond from the shared memorable experience.
  5. The beach. Last but not least, and probably the most obvious, is the beach. Not only is going to the beach, perhaps, the number one hot spot for the summer, but if you are not the best event planner, you won’t have to think too hard about what to do once you get there. Asides from relaxing the day away, tanning on the shore, playing volleyball, or wading in the water, there are always many activities you can do and events you can attend together. Just be sure to bring a little bit of cash. Jet-skiing or sailing are great options, especially if you have a license. Visiting local aquariums or museums are cheaper alternatives. Often, there are also live concerts and firework shows at night. Lastly, if you would like to romanticize the evening, how about taking her on a midnight stroll along the beach under the moonlight. If you happen to be a “baller,” you could consider booking a pension house for the weekend. Going to the beach gives the most alternative options and requires the least amount of planning, but such a trip can get pricey depending on your taste and style.

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