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What You Need to Know About the Korean Skincare Routine

Written by Sally K, Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 in Fashion, The Style Guide

Have you heard about the hottest beauty trend taking over the globe? With innovative technology improving ancient traditions, Korean skincare continues to rise in popularity. That’s because K-skincare brands include unique ingredients like rice bran, snail extract, and egg cream – all of which are unknown to most westerners.

When you follow a regular facial routine, it is important to understand various common conditions and issues before you can treat your skin. You can determine your skin type to help you understand what products you need on a daily and weekly basis. Here’s how the average skin routine works.

Order of Application

  • Step One: Oil Cleanse
  • Step Two: Water Cleanse
  • Step Three: Exfoliate
  • Step Four: Toner
  • Step Five: Essence
  • Step Six: Focused Treatment
  • Step Seven: Facial Masks
  • Step Eight: Eye Serum
  • Step Nine: Moisturizer
  • Step Ten: SPF Sunscreen

Do you have dry skin, aging lines, or acne that will not go away? Most men tend to neglect their facial skin and forget that it has many needs. The Korean skincare routine usually contains anywhere from 10-15 products, depending on the needs of the individual. Once you have started the routine, you will notice the benefits of quality care for your skin. 

Enhance Your Complexion

Most products offer multiple versions for different skin types. You will need to pay attention to how they affect your skin and the results that come with it. If you notice any imperfections in your skin such as fine lines, wrinkles, and acne, add serums that target specific issues to your regime. Using scrubs, pads, and peels to remove dead skin cells will help prime your skin for a brighter complexion. Just be sure to do it sparingly and no more than twice a week.

Hydrate for Younger Looking Skin

Think facial masks are just for women? Think again. The power of great facial masks provide plenty of benefits like removing excess oil, dead skin cells, prevent blackheads, and reducing the appearance of large pores. Sheet masks are usually soaked in serum with nutrients and absorbed into your skin. All it takes is 20 minutes to nourish and hydrate effectively.

Innovative and Affordable

With so much competition in the skincare industry, Korean brands offer affordable prices with generous amounts. What makes this routine stand out is the use of unusual ingredients like bee venom, horse oil, snail mucus, and even nightingale feces. While westerners may feel reluctant to try these ingredients, you won’t deny how effective they are – hence, why millions of people are using them.

Proven Results

From reducing acne to brightening the skin, there are plenty of reasons to try the Korean skincare routine. It will only take about 20 minutes out of your day and the investment will benefit you with healthy skin, a boost of confidence, and a bright complexion. 

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