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Rethink Your Summer Footwear With These Fashionable Options

Written by Francesca, Monday, June 27th, 2016 in Fashion, Seasonal Fashion

Girl_wearing_SperrysAs you shop for men’s footwear this summer, think outside the shoebox. While sneakers and flip flops have their place, they are only meant for specific activities, not for everyday wear. Try out these casual men’s shoes instead that are both comfortable and classy.

Boat Shoes

When it comes to boat shoes, it seems that people either hate them or love them. The hate comes from their stereotype of being worn by preppy frat boys. The trick is to find unique features that take the shoe to the next level. These include:

  • Pops of bright color
  • Interesting stitching patterns
  • Mix of suede and leather
  • Sole design and function
  • Overall appearance (ex: sporty vs. dressy)

If you want something as versatile as boat shoes but with more class, go with penny loafers instead.


For those who aren’t fans of the boat shoe, a similar and trendier option is moccasins. There are different types you can wear: driving mocs, which tend to be soft and homey; camping mocs, which offer both function and style; and blucher mocs, which have a more rugged boot look.


Man sandals are making their way off the runway and on to the streets. Note, sandals are structured footwear and do not include flip flops, Crocs, and the like. Before you buy a pair, keep in mind the following rules.

  1. Find a balance between fashion and comfort. Your feet need proper support.
  2. Although some designers have promoted socks with sandals, it’s best to avoid it. If not done right (if that’s even possible), it makes you look tacky or old.
  3. Keep your feet groomed. Trim your toenails, moisturize your heels, and eliminate odors.

With several choices in men’s footwear this summer, there’s no excuse for you not to be both comfortable and classy.

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One Response to Rethink Your Summer Footwear With These Fashionable Options

  1. Caruso says:

    In what universe and/or trend are sneakers not for everyday use (but for specific activities) cheski? But you suggest wearing boat shoes when we arent near a boat? Should we all look the same as preppy/frat boys or wannabe native americans? Dont get me started on gladiator sandals/man sandals.

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