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The Best 2018 Summer Style for Men

Written by Anna Jones, Monday, July 2nd, 2018 in Fashion, Seasonal Fashion

This summer, men’s styles are all about not conforming. From Prada jumpsuits to zip boots, summer style borrows a bit from Fall, Winter, and every season and look in-between. Luckily for the dudes, pieces are versatile without being too warm (especially if you live in more tropical climates), and can easily transition from day to night, or from work to play. Read on to discover more about what will be your quintessential summer style.


Believe it or not, jumpsuits are trendy across all genders right now. Prada recently came out with a gorgeous, long-sleeved, mens’ jumpsuit – maybe not the best option if you live in, say, Florida, but it’s perfect for those chilly Northeastern summer evenings. The jumpsuit is “Italian-made,” and comes in at a cool price point of $1,650.

If you live in a warmer climate and need a smaller price tag, try Engineered Garments’ Short Fitted Jumpsuit for $396. The fit looks good on any body type, and the color (Dark Navy) is beautiful on any skin tone. This jumpsuit is perfect for a weekend day of errands, or heading into a bar-b-q at nighttime.

Zip Boots, Suede Shoes, and Cargo Shorts – Oh, My!

We know, we know – zip boots don’t immediately make you think of summer, but once again, these are perfect for more temperate climates or a rain-laden city slicker (think Seattle). We adore these boots by Barbanera, priced at $476 (they’re on sale!). Made of brown leather and suede, these boots are perfect for the office, the club, a first date, an anniversary, your parents’ vows renewal – whatever, these boots have got you covered (literally).

Other cool summer options on our list include these gender-bender pink suede Converse low riders ($59.97). The color is a perfect, sorbet-like pairing for any summer look, from jumpsuits to cargo pants – yes, we said “cargo pants,” another summer staple for 2018. Believe it or not, you can rock a good ol’ pair of cargo pants – like these by Michael Kors, priced at $48 (also on sale!) – and still be the most fashionable man in the room. Try it with the low riders – we guarantee that you will turn some heads (in a good way!).

Stetson Belts

You can’t blame fashion designers for being on the cowboy train, especially with movies like Kingsman: The Golden Circle now streaming on HBO Go, Amazon, etc. The film is not only an homage to the classic James Bond fare, but now also to the glamour of American cowboys, combined with high-tech spy gadgets. It makes sense that we are betting on seeing a lot more Stetson pieces on dudes this summer – like this rockin’ leather Silverthorne Stetson belt with a silver-plated buckle. Yee-haw.

What are some of your fav summer pieces? Share in the comments below!

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