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5 Dating Lessons from Chat Roulette

Written by admin, Saturday, May 8th, 2010 in Dating Columns, Sex & Dating

If you haven’t been under a proverbial rock on the internet, you’ve likely heard about Chat Roulette, the website that, as it indicates, allows you to play a “game” by randomly chatting with people all over the world with a webcam. And, subsequently, as you can imagine, it’s anything but clean or normal — filled with strange people doing terrible things for anyone who will watch (and people begging for more of it), it’s basically a cesspit of the internet. However, you can learn a lot from the website — especially about dating. Here are 5.

1. You have to sift through a lot of people to find someone worth it.

The first big thing most people notice on Chat Roulette is the ridiculous speed at which it operates. Likely fueled by a collective desire to be talking to someone better, most people click the “next” button on virtually everyone and everything that is not immediately entertaining, meaning finding someone to even talk to is nearly impossible. Even when you do sit and talk to someone for more than two seconds, many find that the person isn’t that entertaining in the first place. You will almost always find idiot 16 year olds or college students  trying to be “clever” with a mask or a prank, lots of creepy old men, strange people demanding nudity, and the like — it’s all pretty irritating, and time consuming, but necessary to go through if you want to find someone worth talking to.

It works in exactly the same way in the dating world. It takes a long time to sift through all the creeps, desperate girls, and strange women in order to find a good date. The thing is, it’s obligatory — avoiding it entirely results in you possibly losing a good opportunity. Remember, even when you have one or two bad dates, or even if you have to spend hours finding someone even worth talking to, it’s all part of the refinement process — there’s no reason to be depressed.

2. You are never as cool as you think you are.

Another thing you learn quickly on Chat Roulette is that a lot of 14-to-25 year old guys seem to think they look good in tank tops, sunglasses, “club” shirts, or shirtless. Some will have guitars, knives, guns, backwards baseball hats, or other blatant attempts at seeming “cool” or “amusing”. Lazier ones will simply drink copious amounts of alcohol. All seem to operate on the presumption that they look “cool” and “interesting” — that dressing in a certain way and doing certain things will get them female attention.

The truth is anything but. Most of them all look the same: that is, universally stupid. Sure, you can manipulate a web cam all you want, but nothing entirely hides being a try-hard. The same very much happens in the dating world — you can try to act “hardcore” all you want, but most people can spot a fake easily. Be yourself — it’s ultimately more realistic, not to mention rewarding.

3. Rejection matters little.

As I mentioned above, Chat Roulette moves fast, and you’ll get rejected, even when you think you look normal and try to be polite. It happens — people are looking for certain things, and will even go so far as to lie to try to get what they want. Long story short? You will be rejected.

And, like the above, don’t be depressed by it. Rejection happens — it’s part of the refining process, and really an inevitable byproduct of dating. Those who learn to accept rejection and move on are the best kind of daters — they understand they can learn from it, and don’t become too emotionally torn. The worst daters obsess over it, wondering “what if” and obsessively trying again and again. Be like the first group — be willing to learn from rejection, and ultimately accept it as part of the process.

4. Presentation matters, a lot.

Presentation matters, period. In the context of Chat Roulette, it matters in that it is the first thing people see about you — and it determines if they want to chat with you or not. Clothing, hairstyle, the way you are sitting, the first words you say — everything matters.

Real life, especially the dating world, works in the very same way. Though many may claim they don’t care about looks, they do (to some degree), and looks matter — not exclusively in the “handsome” or “ugly” context, but rather how you present yourself, your movements, the way you speak, where you look, and the like. Everything factors in to the construction of the gestalt of your image in their eyes — and you need to manage your image in order to be attractive to the opposite sex. People can and will judge you based on your clothing, your haircut, your shoes, the gestures you make, your mannerisms, the speed and way in which you speak, and everything else possible — it all matters, even if people do not actively realize they judge based upon it. Long story short, work on the way you present yourself, as it matters a lot in the dating world.

5. No-one wants to see you naked. No, really.

This is, by far, the biggest lesson you can learn from Chat Roulette: no normal woman, in any frame of mind, wants to see a random guy naked, pretty much regardless of how good he looks. Certainly, if you have a nice body, she may notice it — but as I’ve mentioned before in other articles, women are not as visual as men, and chances are you’d do leagues better simply wearing clothes than you ever would being naked.

This issue really spawns from an issue with how guys typically think women get turned on. To men, a naked woman is incredibly sexy — so many men think that, to a woman, a naked man is just as sexy. However, it doesn’t entirely work like that — women are much more cerebral about their turn-ons, and the simple availability of a naked man does not a turn-on make.

So, with that being said, the message for real-life application is just as it is online: don’t expect your naked body to be some sort of insta-turn on. Learn to do things more than just strip naked. You’ll be much better off.

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