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Weight lifting and staying slim

Written by admin, Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 in Q&As

I want to weight lift and look muscular, but not massive and nasty. Think Ryan Reynolds, not those guys in those weightlifting magazines. How do I do it?

The anwer is simple: the same way the weightlifting magazine guys do, sans the roids and the overeating.

There’s a silly presumption (especially among women) that weightlifting in any fashion will make you some sort of roided out freak- which simply is not true. Realistially, if you maintain a normal lfiestyle and avoid doing any sort of crash diets or taking any sort of drugs, your body will naturally maintain a very nice size- that is to say, unless you have some massive bearmode genes, you aren’t going to become some sort of massive roided out freak in two seconds.

The way those guys in the magazines becoem big is 100% drugs and/or other forms of supplements, often aided by good genes. In all honesty, it is very unlikely you will EVER become like that without injecting heavy amounts of drugs into yourself: it isn’t sustainable or easy. A scant percentage of the population can indeed get this big, but it’s very likely not you.

That being said, embrace powerlifting and the legitimate weight lifting- don’t do silly little “lean muscle” exerises because you’re afraid of becoming Ronnie Coleman or something. Stick to the basics, and build muscle naturally. Obviously, don’t take steroids, and avoid overeating. You’ll turn out fine.

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