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Lifting shoes

Written by admin, Monday, February 6th, 2012 in Q&As

Should I get weight lifting shoes?

Maybe. Studies tend to show that squatting barefoot tends to be better than running shoes, but many find that special weight lifting shoes makes this process even easier. Thus, many lifters consider weight lifting shoes useful.

The way to tell if you could use lifting shoes is kinda easy: put thin 5lb plates under your heels when you squat. This is kinda like making ghetto lift shoes, and should put your feet (very roughly) in the position they would be in would you be wearing squat shoes. If you feel this position more comfortable, lifting shoes might help.

As a side note, I would never recommend squat shoes for someone who squats less than 2plate or who is new to weightlifting. At super light weight ranges, stability issues are usually the result of bad form more than they are minor details like shoes.

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One Response to Lifting shoes

  1. Jack says:

    There’s a reflex is called the positive support reaction. This reflex causes the leg muscules to contract in response to the pressure on the sole of your foot. It is a protective measure against loading.

    Wearing cushioned shoes can mess with this reflex. Wear something like Chuck Taylors.

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