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4 ways to fight against stress, right now.

Written by Taylor, Sunday, November 18th, 2012 in Culture, Getting Things Done

Sometimes, life may get a little much for you. Things around us, all the vibes, stuff we own, all the family we avoid and such are all stressful. Stress is terrible to deal with, it causes people to do things our of impulse to try to relieve it. Here’s a few things to help cope under stress and to help out your tolerance against it right now

Get off Facebook and visit people

This one is obvious. Social Media is making you miserable. Social Media is a great way for us to connect or to reconnect with people. You no longer have to send snail-mail or greeting cards to people who are far away. You can get in contact with them as if they are standing in front of you. With this gift, however, there’s lots of negatives.

Studies suggest that when you read people’s status updates or see their party pictures, it makes you lonely and miserable. It’s a feeling of isolation, usually when you check Facebook you are probably alone. Friends are a great source of anti-anxiety as there’s more focus on things, not just yourself.

The Internet can only mimic sociability to a point. Once you reach a certain degree, it begins to weigh down on you. In real life, there’s body language, physical affection and not to mention activities you can do together. Like the phone in the ’90s, the Internet can only bring us so far before it starts weighing us down because you lack those things of a healthy social life.

That’s not to say you will always feel miserable, but you can’t really connect strongly without those factors. Miracles happen and people marry after meeting online, but they took the initiative of meeting them in real life. See where this is going? Get off Facebook and meet with them in real life, it’ll pay off right away.

You are overthinking the issues in your life right now

We often overestimate the magnitude of an issue in our life and the dire consequences surrounding it. Our brains are automatically overestimating everything. You need to train your brain to not be so hard on yourself, or think of yourself in a very bad light, you don’t deserve it. Sure, one of the seven deadly sins is pride and arrogance turns people off, but if you wade around life without stepping on toes or pissing some people off, people won’t respect you.

Respect in yourself is earned when you break your comfort zone and step out. The ambition to change yourself could, in turn, earn the respect of others. You are in your comfort zone because you feel that if you step into the uncharted territories, the consequences will be dire and you’ll pay the price. It causes a great deal of stress getting near the end of your comfort zone, which in your head turns into bad vibes.

For example, you are out and you want to ask the girl for her number. Your mind goes to work and thinks, “well what if I come off as creepy?”. We all have a fear of not being creepy or unwanted because of our actions. If you shut down and don’t try, your brain will add that negative energy and you will actually build a fear based on what went down.

There’s a couple of things you need to remember from the above example.

  • A. You are overestimating the failures. Right off the bat, you are over-thinking it. If you come off as creepy, you will not be branded as such, even if you live in a small town. You’ll be rejected, worst-case scenario you are the butt of the joke for like a week. Failures are nothing more than ways to understand life through trial and error.
  • B. She has issues of her own in her life right now. Sure, she may laugh and maybe her friends will join in the laughter, but sooner or later, they will go back to life because they have problems of their own. The world is big and no one is perfect. We all have problems and our own fears, some more than others. Most of the time, the way people present themselves are not consistent to whom they are. We forget this fact often, which fuels the anxiety into thinking that they are who they appear to be.
  • C. Just do it and don’t think. Thinking is what fuels the negative energy which gives birth to fear and anxiety. If you just do what you love or want without thinking, you will finish whether or not you get what you wanted out of it. Never plan for an ending, roll with what you get and take action soon after.

Don’t let the mind run you into a corner

The one main reasons for lots of stress and panic attacks is the sense of insecurity about one’s health. You may have caught yourself into a bad panic attack thinking that you were going to die. When in fact, panic attacks are the body’s fight-or-flight response gone haywire. If you are completely convinced that some ache or pain you are experiencing is going to kill you, you will go into a panic attack.

The mind is the worst enemy against avoiding a situation like that. If a lot of bad experiences you’ve had start adding up towards something similar, you will start to assume it’s going to happen again. The right thing to do is to stop thinking about it but forcing yourself to not think about it will make you think about it even more.

You need to take control and let the past die hard. You are not cursed or have bad karma, you are not going to die and that ache is probably a physical reaction to stress if anything. Your brain is messing with you and you need to outweigh it.

Identify and eliminate the sources of stress

If you are suffering lots of anxiety issues during your normal day, with some panic attacks, it’s time to take action. With anxiety, unless you have an underlying medical cause, there is no such thing as anxiety without an origin or cause. Rest easy, your body is not forcing stress upon you for no reason.

If you feel anxious, break down what you were thinking about or the Environment around you. If it helps, jot down what you were thinking. Even the things that cause little stress matters, write them down too. The threshold of everything stressful piles up fast and leaves you overwhelmed with no ambition. Break the ambition and don’t give in or it will not resolve.

Forgive anyone that has done bad in your life and hasn’t gotten theirs yet. Apologize to someone that you remembered you’ve hurt years ago. Resolve the unresolved. If it’s impossible, move on. Life isn’t always fair and just accept it for what it is. Once you start accepting, it’ll start paying off mentally and physically quickly.

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