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5 Confusing Women’s Behaviors Explained

Written by Francesca, Friday, July 22nd, 2016 in Dating Columns, Sex & Dating

Have you ever been confused by some of the things your girlfriend does? So has every other guy. Here are five things women do that commonly confuse men and some of the reasons we may do them.


  1. Being Subtle

Women are known for being subtle or outright expecting men to read their minds. Although it is frustrating for you, that is not the intention. First, your girlfriend may not want to nag, so she’s trying a softer approach. She may also be scared of explicitly stating something because she doesn’t know how you’ll react or because you have reacted negatively in the past to something similar.

Most likely, she is expressing her desire for you to pay attention to her, not only to what she is saying but also to what she is doing. It shows that you truly love her. If you really start listening to and noticing her, then you will be able to decipher what she wants most of the time. The times that you don’t, gently ask her for clarification.

  1. Nagging

Perhaps your girlfriend nags, and it angers you. Try to see her perspective. Has she dropped subtle hints that you weren’t getting, requiring her to be more obvious? Is there something you agreed to do that you didn’t do? Nagging can be her way of expressing her frustration with your inaction or her wish that you see a need and fill it on your own.

Keep in mind that nagging is classified as repetitive and/or critical requests and not any time she asks you to do something. Persistent nagging is a sign you two need to work on communication and make expectations clear.

  1. Going to the Bathroom in Groups

You’ve probably wondered why women visit the restroom in packs. Most females prefer companionship over being alone in any setting. During school years, a girl who doesn’t have friends that accompany her everywhere she goes may receive judgment from her peers, so the practice provides social protection and then becomes second nature.

There are also practical reasons for it. Your girlfriend may want a friend with her in order to help fix her hair or makeup, get an opinion on her appearance, borrow feminine products, or talk about private matters (including you). Sometimes it’s for safety in a new or uncomfortable surrounding.

  1. Taking Too Long to Get Ready

To understand this one, think about all the messages women are bombarded with on a daily basis: we need to look perfectly put together all the time, our sexual appeal determines our value and happiness, and the latest products on the market will help us reach our ultimate beauty and life goals. That’s a lot of pressure!

This often leads to insecurity and indecisiveness, resulting in lots of time spent deciding what to wear and perfecting the look. Your girlfriend also wants to keep your eyes solely on her and to make you feel proud to be with her. Make sure you aren’t inadvertently the source of her feeling like she needs to be your trophy girlfriend or is responsible for where your eyes wander.

On the other hand, many women find it genuinely fun to try on new outfits and makeup, especially if they don’t get the opportunity to dress up and go out often. It’s a chance for them to pamper themselves.

  1. Getting Upset for Being Hit On

You may be surprised when a woman, especially one dressed in an appealing way, gets upset by the reactions she receives from men. Isn’t she asking for the attention and supposed compliments? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, no woman is asking for crude remarks or uninvited physical contact, and most women simply want to be able to walk down the street without their bodies being commented on. Trust us when we say we don’t think it’s “just a little fun” or “not a big deal.”

If you’ve ever been the one to make an inappropriate comment or gesture and think a woman overreacted, ask yourself this: “Would I feel comfortable with a man saying or doing this to my sister, mother, or even me?” If the answer is no, then you should reevaluate your own behavior. It’s best to only tease women you know are okay with it. If you want to compliment a stranger, keep it simple and classy. For example, “You have a pretty smile.”

There are many more behaviors we women have that baffle you men. Let me know what other ones you would like to understand!

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  1. Caruso says:

    I agree with 4 of the 5 bullet points/analysis. Good article!

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