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Quick Fire Rules for Dating Sites

Written by admin, Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 in Q&As

What are some quick rules for determining if a girl’s worth talking to on a dating site?

I hate doing these sort of things because I often sound somewhat misogynist/cruel/obsessed with stereotypes, but here you are:

  • If she’s showing her breasts in any photo, including deep cleavage shots, she’s likely not worth your time. This also applies for any sexual shot, bikini shots and corset shots included. These also sometimes mean that she’s overweight and clever with angles/photoshop.
  • Any mention of an ex-boyfriend early on is always, always trouble.
  • Any mention of alcohol, sex, or drug use in her profile is always, always trouble.
  • Any “problems” she mentions — emotional or otherwise — are most of the time five times worse than she lets on.
  • The older they are, the more bad history they have. Ex-husbands included. Expect it.
  • Tineye any girl that looks good. She’s probably fake.
  • Never expect more intelligence than what you can tell from the profile. Always expect less formal employment than indicated. “Model”, “Photographer”, “Designer”, etc. usually means “Unemployed” in the real world.
  • Those into goth, emo, indie, hipster, or other “subcultures” can sometimes be a little unbalanced or empty.

And the most important rule?

Never expect anything. For every 10 girls you message, expect only one to respond. This is not a reflection on you.

In any case, good luck in your search. Don’t take anything I said above too seriously — there will always be exceptions — but I hope they help you to identify common issues.

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One Response to Quick Fire Rules for Dating Sites

  1. Jazradel says:

    You should really read some of the okcupid’s analysis. They have a lot of data about what works and what doesn’t.

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