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Tiredness when weight lifting

Written by admin, Saturday, January 9th, 2010 in Q&As

When I’m weight lifting and doing other exercises, I get really tired. I yawn a lot, and I also get sleepy quickly, and it makes me wanna quit. Advice?

Your nutrition is hurting you, and you may also have issues with sleep and energy in general.

First off, focus on nutrition. If you are eating too many carb-heavy meals (that is, lots of bread and the like), you may be causing yourself to feel “heavy” and tired. To fix this, try to focus on eating light meals with plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Focus less on pastas and breads and more on vegetables, lean meats, and fruits. You may also want to try to eat more meals comprised of less food- big meals only three times a day will slow you down and also give you the desire to “fill up”, which will mean you eat too much in one sitting.

As for sleep and energy, try to work towards something a bit healthier. Cut back on the caffeine and sleep more to adjust for the lack. Run on the treadmill or use a similar cardio machine 15-30 times a day- try to make your body work. Don’t sit around on the computer all day- make your body know it needs to develop more energy.

If you follow these concepts, you’ll probably find a boost in energy. If you have serious energy issues, however, see a doctor- in some very specialized cases, something may be wrong.

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