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Weight and Fashion

Written by admin, Thursday, May 21st, 2009 in Q&As

Hi, I’m not going to beat around the bush, I’m just going to say it:

I’m fat. Not Jabba the Hutt fat, but if I were to compare myself to an actor, I’d say Ricky Gervais size, possibly slightly larger.

This is causing problems for me, as I don’t know what to wear. with a 40″ wasit size, I’m not 100% confident with myself.

Having just gotten out of a 17 month relationship (with the other half now being “happier than she has been in over a year” and interested in someone else), I’m interested to start dressing more fashionably, but I don’t really know what to shop for. The articles have helped a little, but seemingly not for the larger person.

So, I ask you. What should I wear?

Being heavier set can cause some trouble, fashion-wise. Ironically, you have the same issue as super skinny guys: because most fashion out on the racks is for some generic sizes, you are going to have a horrible time finding stuff that legitimately fits you. Regardless, there are some rules and shopping methods you can follow/use to really make use of your body type.

So what are some fashion rules to keep in mind?:

  • Keep things relatively fitted, not loose or tight. It may seem hard to wear something that’s fitted (that may expose your stomach or something), but it is leagues better than going super-baggy. In the same vein, don’t go super-tight- give yourself room, lest you look like you are exploding out of your clothing.
  • Avoid bold patterns, bowling/Hawaiian shirts, or other stereotypical looks. Bold patterns make you look even bigger. Bowling shirts and Hawaiian shirts are not only stereotypical and horrible (avoid looking like a character from a 90s sitcom), but they also violate the bold pattern rule. In a similar vein, avoid dressing like mafioso or anything because bigger guys on TV do so- it’s a bad idea.
  • Avoid pleats and baggy pants like the plague- try to elongate your legs. Too many people will tell you to go for pleats- DO NOT. These make your waist look fat, even on the skinniest of men. Similarly, baggy pants (like “easy” or “loose” fit jeans) will have a similar result. Instead, focus on having longer pants with a longer hemline, and focus on trying to keep a long, natural legline- think flat front pants and/or straight leg jeans.
  • Elongate your chest. V-neck t-shirts, henleys, three button blazers, and even slightly unbuttoned dress shirts elongate your neck/chest, and can sometimes hide an unsightly belly. Don’t go overboard and start wearing 80s-era padded shoulders- just find something reasonable in between. Supposedly, low-rise pants are supposed to help with this, but I haven’t seen them work- give them a shot anyway.
  • Focus on dressing well, period. Oftentimes, the presumption with guys who are larger is laziness- combat this by dressing a shade better than you normally would. Err towards casual-professional- think snappy, stylish clothing, not t-shirts and beater jeans. Get great shoes, nice coats, and the like- really show off that you aren’t a slob.

I think the big lesson here is, like anyone else, you have to wear your fashion with confidence- don’t worry yourself to the point where you become a fashion hermit. Face the facts- there are no ways in which you can instantly, with fashion, make yourself skinny, so just rock what you wear and accept your shape. Trying to hide it is going to seem contrived- dress well and rock anything. You’ll be respected more.

In general, though, as you’re probably expecting me to say, I think it may be adviseable for you to start a good exercise plan, if at all possible. While most of the science on weight (Especially in regards to BMI) is utter bullshit, a good exercise campaign that helps you lose weight will help you feel better, give you more options clothing-wise, and just make you generally healthier. Even if you don’t exercise, try to eat healthier- all of us, large or not, could use that.

Good luck!

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2 Responses to Weight and Fashion

  1. pi4arctan1guy says:

    I’d say +1 to fitted clothes. What you don’t want is to look like you’re wearing a bag over your body. You also don’t want to look like everything you wear is just holding your fat rolls in place, so avoid tight clothing. Dark straight legged jeans are a good idea. Dark colors in general are slimming. Whatever you wear, posture is the key to looking good. Make sure that you have good posture. Practice good posture at all times, even if you’re alone, just so that you’re used to it. Sit back, keep your head back, and look like you’re having a great time. You’ll be the classiest fellow in town!

    Oh and avoid bow ties. Apparently, chubby people can’t wear bow ties and still look dignified.

  2. SaberViper says:

    I’ve also been told by a number of female friends of mine that skinny ties can help with that if your wearing slightly more “classy” attire. I’m a larger man myself and I’ve found that a skinny tie helps give you an elongated look, whether or not it’s helped me remains to be seen.

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