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Home Workouts

Written by admin, Thursday, October 25th, 2012 in Q&As

A lot of websites are now promoting home workouts, like P90X. Should I do them to get ripped?


Admittedly, programs like Convict Conditioning and P90X have some benefit. If you do some light cardio and body weight workouts at home, and if you diet well enough, you will probably lose weight.

That being said, if you walk fast enough and long enough, you can walk from New York to California.

If you want to become muscular, than working out with free weights — not machines, not body weight, but actual big boy barbells and plates and sometimes dumbbells — will get you muscular. Once you get muscle, you can cut away body fat and look ripped, or you can bulk up and get stronger. The process is not hard, it just requires you to leave your damn apartment.

I totally understand that going to the gym three times a week can seem difficult, but man up. If you want the body, you’re going to have to work for it, both in the gym and in the process of getting to the gym. Don’t take the slower, more inefficient path just because you’re scared of social interaction.

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