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The Top Essentials of a Good Wardrobe

Written by admin, Sunday, June 8th, 2008 in Fashion, The Style Guide

We here at Wellcultured like to talk about the specifics of style- but it’s time we laid down the law on the basics of style. Here’s a list of absolute must-haves for every guy who needs to build a wardrobe fast.

A Good Dress Shirt

A Good Dress Shirt
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A good dress shirt is one of the most important things in your wardrobe, which is exactly why you should have at least one or two tailored to fit you just right.

Pictured: Perry Ellis Long Sleeve Skip Dent Stripe W/Single Barrel Cuffs ($45)

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10 Responses to The Top Essentials of a Good Wardrobe

  1. dagamdagee says:

    Pretty typical list, but I would have liked to see some more variety in brands. Like the Polo RL two-button suit for over 1,000? I’ve gotten a very nice suit for about $300 from JC Penny’s (tailored of course). But that’s just how I feel about it. It seemed like you were going for more of the Mid-upper to premium kinds of styles. It provides some nice ideas though.

  2. This wardrobe would cost over 9000!

  3. Sleezybusinessman says:

    A relatively complete list;however, no man should ever be caught without the classic tie tack or tie bar. The tie bar being the most stylish. Also, in this day and age, any man looking to make an impression on any upscale employer should always sport an American flag on his lapel, it screams, I’m a capitalist and I love big business and money just as much as you boss. Now go get ’em tiger, because your hard work and fashion savvy really payed off.

  4. Yum22Yum23 says:

    I have troubles understanding the hype about ray bans, if anything it makes you look like a freaking macho asshole, and as my mother likes to put it “the vietnam war’s been over for decades, idiot”

  5. Chris says:

    Seems to me like this is just a sponsored article. Every suggestion is like something out of a brooks brothers catalogue and everyone fits into the Abercrombie and Fitch mold.
    one of the greatest ways to put together a good outfit is to look at the mannequins. They are designed by marketing experts on combinations that will look good on majority of people.
    Not everyone is built like a hollister surfer.
    in addition to the plain tee suggestion, avoid tshirts with jokes on them like “I’d hit it” piñata and the “protect your nuts” squirrel. Its like walking up to everyone you see and telling them the same bad joke. It’s only funny on the display stand.

  6. An Guy says:

    Fashion trends come and go. You want to look good? Spend some time and explore what you like, what colors look good on you, what patterns look good on you. Don’t be afraid to try on a bunch of different and new things. Shop around. But remember it has to be something you are happy with that looks good on you. Discard popular trends in favor of personal satisfaction and comfort. Be yourself and let your clothes agree with you.

    Otherwise you’re just another fashion clone in the making.

  7. tripfag says:

    Pretty horrible article, mostly because it tries to force boring and generic business man look/ shitty hipster fashion statements as “must-haves”

    I’ll agree with the dress shirt, jacket, belt, good tshirts, sneakers (but those pictured ones aren’t it), jeans, dress shoes, fitted suit and a stylish tie.

    But to say you need a colorful scarf proves you know nothing about being stylish and the items that actually look good in this article are nothing more than accidentally picked, and did not come from somebody who knows how to dress.
    protip: you are not an anime character or a jrpg stereotype, you do not need a colorful scarf, ever.
    The same goes for the sunglasses, you can only pull them off if you’re a gay porn actor (and I don’t mean some shitty twink on his webcam, a real muscled, hairy, macho top)

    Similarly, polos only work on actors that play the roles of rich spoiled kids (for example Carlton from Fresh prince of Belair) and nowhere else. Anybody else that sees you wearing a polo will think you’re the biggest douche ever (and since you decided to wear a polo in the first place, you probably are, but it’s still a bad first impression)

    This is a bad article and the author should feel bad.

  8. JenovaWitness says:

    Hey tripfag, shut the hell up. I don’t know what kind of neurotic tards you hang around, but wearing a polo the right way doesn’t make you a douche.

    That was a bad comment and the commenter should feel bad about the comment which was bad.

  9. king says:

    tripfag– or to anyone else reading–

    not everything in the article has to be a top essential/must-have. they are suggestions, and will not apply to everyone.

    i agree with JenovaWitness.

  10. king says:

    regardless, it was a very nice article. thanks!

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