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10 Fashion No-Nos from the Internet

Written by admin, Saturday, January 31st, 2009 in Fashion, The Style Guide
jeffree-starThe Internet is a great place for fashion- it allows us to shop online, view great fashion ideas, and generally just troll around 24/7. However, because it’s so accessible, the Internet has brought us many many bad ideas- here are a few of them that, though popular, are absolutely horrible and absolute no-nos for any Well Cultured individual.

Geek != Fashion

Geek != Fashion
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Wearing hilarious t-shirts from Think Geek does not make you fashionable or interesting. Graphic tee shirts, jeans and/or khaki cargo pants and glasses will not make you sexy.

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7 Responses to 10 Fashion No-Nos from the Internet

  1. pi4arctan1guy says:

    Not even Norton can protect you… FROM BAD FASHION! By the way, he really can’t. Check out Norton’s picture on the cover of The Programmer’s Guide to the IBM PC.

  2. Paragon says:

    Unless you mean that you happened to find these pictures on the internet, I’d say that a fair number of these have very little to do with internet culture or typical internet denizens.

  3. Cameron says:

    Oh my God. I see this as, “in” where I live. Most of my friends think I am a faggot for dressing nice. I just tell them that they will never get girlfriends. They all look like such douchebags when they wear a Monty Python shirt to an upscale event: My cousin’s wedding!

  4. Warsie says:

    pfft…nigga plz. YOu can look decent while wearing geeky shit. Me wearing a Domo–Kun hat helped me regarding social shit a bunch of times.

  5. Warsie says:

    also lol regarding the popped collars and tan…..

    and yes, I can get the gangsta look….acting it is harder as I have a neutral accent :/

    and Cameron is a formalfag…lol, social signalling FTL 🙁

  6. Coutureducator says:

    Actually, he was wearing a Burberry polo, no sign of Gucci anywhere

  7. notgoth says:

    thats not “goth style” being pictured, those are juggalos, white trash clown idolizing ugly junky no good tough guy wannabe’s, damn juggalos. goth done right/ with the right body can look good, on the flipside imagine that fat behemoth on his chain dressed in anything else, you cant fat people look good in nothing. no designer on earth could make her look good. notice that guys shirt it has the initials I.C.P. stands for insane clown possse. they are a rap group. a bad cheezy rap group. not goth.

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