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6 “Hot” Men’s Outfits Recommended by Women

Written by admin, Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 in Fashion, Featured, The Style Guide
It’s about time we did something a bit different: just for the fun of it, we polled a huge number of women regarding their personal tastes regarding men’s style, specifically looking for what they found “hot” or “sexy.”  Perhaps not surprisingly, we got a lot of the same answers from various women.  Here are the top 6 results.

#6 - The Well-fitting Black (V-Neck) Shirt

#6 - The Well-fitting Black (V-Neck) Shirt
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As lazy as it may seem, a surprising number of women prefer well fitting shirts as an outfit. The idea here is simple: black compliments most skintones, a well fitting shirt shows off a good body, and most people wear outfits like this regularly anyway.

The Takeaway: When you choose to wear a t-shirt of any kind, make damn sure it fits you well.

How to Perfect It: Most bodies will find American Apparel t-shirts to fit fairly well, as they stretch -- but beware, they are rather pricey. "Athletic fit" t-shirts are also a good option, pending you have the build.

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One Response to 6 “Hot” Men’s Outfits Recommended by Women

  1. Jim Hart says:

    Had a pair of Carhartt B-11 jeans (dark blue) and they were wonderful. The only real downside about the Carhartt line is that you won’t likely find them when you Google ‘jeans.’ You have to go to ‘workclothes.’

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