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The Essentials of any Wardrobe

Written by admin, Saturday, July 18th, 2009 in Culture, Q&As

As a 23 year old entering a new professional job I intend to take advantage of the cheap Shenzhen tailors on my way through Hong Kong, what basics should I get made, colours, fits etc.? (I was thinking three suits, 5-8 shirts, a blazer and 2 overcoats)

You’re on the right track, to be certain.

Like I’ve mentioned before on here (incessantly), always have something conservative as a backup. You can almost never go wrong with having a simple black suit tailored to fit you perfectly- a black suit can be work for business, for formal occasions, and even casually, pending you do so correctly. Similarly, dark blue suits and darker gray suits are almost always usable in both the business and private world.

So far as fits and general cuts are concerned, avoid anything too modern (like thin lapel suits). While they are in style now, I’m getting the creeping suspicion they will fall out of fashion very soon. For the suit itself, you should probably stick to suits with notch lapels and a single vent, which is pretty standard with most suits. So far as the pants are concerned, make damn sure they aren’t too baggy- keep them well fitted to your leg, and obviously, make sure there are no pleats.

If I were you, so far as suits are concerned, I’d go for two conservative suits and one more ostentatious suit, which would cover your bases pretty damn well. For example, for the first two, I’d go for one in black and one in charcoal or navy, notch lapel, single or double vent, very simple with flat front trousers. For the more ostentatious, I’d go for a color you don’t have (let’s say a charcoal) with pinstriping or some other style to it- maybe a peak lapel, just something to differentiate it. Of course, regardless of the way they look, get them tailored to perfection.

As for the shirts, go for at least two in white, the remainder in simple colors that match the suits. Try out some french cuff shirts- french cuffs, in my opinion, are wonderfully stylish, pending you are willing to wear cufflinks (and get the suits tailored to work with the french cuffs- the sleeves are usually made a teensy bit shorter to show the cuff). Depending on your body shape and size, experiment with point collars and spread collars. Undoubtedly, you should keep the color/style of tie you plan to wear with the shirt in mind.

As for the overcoats and blazers, that’s really where you can have fun. If you do get a blazer, you can’t go wrong with a nice navy Polo Ralph Lauren-style preppy blazer, or maybe a casual black or brown blazer to wear around. For the overcoats, topcoats are always advantageous (stick to black, gray, or brown- white is hard to deal with/to clean).

In any case, have a ball. If you shop in the right locations, you’ll be able to get plenty of help. Find photos you like and carry them with you. Try on everything. By the time you’re done, you’ll have one hell of a wardrobe.

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