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Your Sperm Smells!

Written by Dayna, Friday, October 21st, 2016 in Sex & Dating, Sex Q&A

shutterstock_16517776_0Ever wonder what kind of effect the foods you eat have on your body? Ever wonder what kind of effect the foods you eat have on your sperm, specifically the odor of your sperm? There is a normal smell and there is a not so normal smell. Then there are good smells and then there are not such great smells.

First off, we’ll label and identify the standard smell of sperm. Apparently, it should smell like bleach. Yup, bleach or chloride, or whatever other association you’ve attached to the smell of your sperm. After all, everyone has his or her own smell, color and consistency, and this is most certainly something you should pay attention to. It’s hard to imagine a man who doesn’t know the odor, color and texture of his own sperm, but what’s important here it to pay close care to any vicissitudes in your juices.

Bitter, to sour, to repugnant

So, lets go over some of the things you may or may not be putting in your mouth and, what kind of effects they have from up above to down below. We’ll take our first stop by the ‘no nos’. Sorry guys, but it seems that alcohol, cigarettes and coffee are responsible for a bitter, pungent taste. While you may not be too concerned by these effects, try to be considerate of the taste buds on the receiving end, will you?

Garlic, onion, cauliflower and broccoli are also said to alter the taste of your semen. When I use the word alter, I mean to the unpleasant end of the ruler.  And lets get real the above list should not come as such a blow.


Now that we’ve cleared away the bad stuff let’s get to the sweet stuff. Like fruit. Word around town is that pineapple juice will make your semen sweeter, but we wont get so exclusive. Really, any and all fruits can have this sweet sweet effect on your sperm. You may have to do some scientific experimenting to see which fruits have effects on your sperm, but I would say its well worth the exploration. Papaya and bananas can be a good start. I mean, come on, aren’t you a little bit curious?

Pill popping?

On the not so cool side of things, medications can have an effect on the smell or taste of your semen, so you may want to take a second look at that long list of side effects that come with those pills you’ve been popping. No one is suggesting you reduce your dosage or anything, but it is something to take into consideration.

Fresh breathe

Parsley or mint is another worthy way to go. They not only freshen up the taste of your semen but also freshen up you the taste in your mouth and your body odor. Pretty cool for a green I would say.

While the effects of food, on either the sweet end or the sour end, have not been proven scientifically to effect sperm, there seems to be a lot of heads nodding and no-ing over these sugary and foul effects. So, why not join the Mar’s curiosity team the next time your ‘rover approaches the target-rich Mount Sharp’ and take a sniff and make a list of the foods you should or should not be adding to your diet this weekend.

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  1. Johanna says:

    Can’t wait to make experiments !

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