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Swift, long lasting, inconspicuous, stinky breath solutions!

Written by Dayna, Monday, November 7th, 2016 in Dating Columns, Fitness, Sex & Dating

2189So you’re out on a date, you’ve ordered and eaten your dish and you’re ready to order another drink when you begin to notice a bad taste in your mouth. You may be going over the main ingredients of your hot course and remember the onion and garlic that added that delicious flavor to your meal, and realize its also what’s adding that not so delicious left over taste on your tongue. Now all that you’ve got left is a serious case of bad breath.

Lets go over fast and inconspicuous solutions to keep that mouth fresh. Here is a list of ingredients that will help remove that stank from your tank.

We’ll begin with the seeds. Cloves, fennel seeds, or aniseeds are a nice fresh little chew that has antiseptic qualities that help fight against those wicked bacteria in your mouth.

Then there are the greens. Chewing on a fresh bundle of parsley, cilantro, mint or basil will neutralize bad stinks in your mouth with their chlorophyll properties. Often desert comes with these fancy greens, as food art. Of course there are some nice fresh cocktails with crushed mint or basil, which also might be a nice inconspicuous mixture.

If you don’t have a toothbrush at hand then there is always the crunchy solution: Apples, celery, or raw carrots. The fiber in these rough fruits and veggies are so tough that they will naturally ‘brush’ your teeth from their crunch and chew. These fruits and veggies have high moisture content and are natural agents that promote saliva production to wash away any foul odor sticking between your teeth and tongue.

Speaking of chewing on hard things (no, that is not a perverted sexual reference) cinnamon is another nice and natural solution to your bad breath problem. The essential oils of the cinnamon stick kill bacteria in your mouth and leave you exhaling a polite crispy smell.

Another simple answer would be to drink water. Often bad breath is not caused by what you ate but what you didn’t drink, leaving your mouth dry and stanky. A dehydrated mouth is the perfect place for anaerobic bacteria to reproduce. So, if you were just talking for way too long, or smoked one too many cigarettes, dry to get hydrated and rinse that mouth real good.

Lastly, what I find to be the most discreet and simple solution is to chew on a rind of a lemon or orange. If you’re ashamed of your current situation, order a drink that comes with a lemon or orange, water, beer, Jack and coke, and casually pop that citrus to your mouth. The citric acid fights bad breath by activating the salivary glands.

No body wants to kiss a mouth with bad breath, no matter how sexy those lips may be. So, when in doubt of your stench, best play it safe and order one of these easily accessible ingredients off your dinner menu.

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