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Simple Things to Do Each Day For a Stronger Relationship

Written by Kate Ferguson, Friday, September 23rd, 2016 in Dating Columns, Sex & Dating

holding-hands-1149411_640 (1)Relationships tend to be about as strong as the intentions to keep it so. Being in a happy and healthy relationship takes both people getting on the same page in the first place, but also staying there with renewed commitment every day. This should be welcomed fun most of the time, and perhaps many of those habits already come naturally to do.  But there are always more ways to connect. Here are some simple things that you can do each day for a stronger relationship.

Compliment her

Giving compliments sounds like no brainer advice, but how often do you really do it? You’re probably thinking about things all day that you love about her but you might not be vocalizing the little things. She will be just as tickled to he complimented for the cute way that she brushes her teeth as how hot she looks in that Friday night outfit she pulls out. In fact, sometimes the day-to-day things have a way bigger impact because they’re specific and personal. You’re clearly paying attention, and you clearly mean it.

Dealing with disagreements as they arise

Keeping things in for too long can be a big problem in relationships. The smallest annoyance or misunderstand can start to fester when it isn’t dealt with, which will only continue to pick up speed and grow the longer it sits there. Instead of worrying about something, discuss it openly and calmly while it’s still relevant. More often than not that’s all it takes, and what you thought might be a big thing wasn’t all that big after all.

Make eye contact

At the beginning of relationships people tend to make a lot of eye contact, but over time that can drop off a bit as the novelty of a new love turns into regular life. But making eye contact is a really simple and powerful way to connect with someone, as well as communicate your feelings. Gazing into one another’s eyes is a romantic concept for a reason…it’s very romantic.

Laugh together

Finding ways to laugh together every day will keep you bonded over the feel good things in life. Text funny things throughout the day, share stories, watch entertaining shows together, etc. Laughter is a strong bonding tool that can help solidify the feeling of partnership, and it also releases stress, which is good for well being in general.

Make specific time to spend together

At the beginning of a relationship all the time you spend together is specific, but the closer the get the more routine it can be. That’s why it’s crucial to keep up the date nights, and to put away the phone while you’re hanging out, and to remember to connect within your relationship emotionally as well as physically. Just because you’re staying under the same roof with someone does not mean that you’re really spending quality time with them, that part takes desire and effort. And if you have intentions of keeping the relationship as happy and healthy and it started, the desire to renew the connection regularly should never fall of your radar.

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