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Why Women are Less Vocal about their Feelings

Written by Christina, Saturday, October 24th, 2015 in Dating Columns, Sex & Dating

While some women are very emotive and expressive about their feeling, many women are indirect and even near mute when expressing how they truly feel. You may wonder why can’t women just say what they mean? Or, why must I always guess what is on her mind? These laments are understandable. As women mature, they generally learn how to better express their emotions in ways that men can understand. Meanwhile, until she reaches this point, here are some tactics that will help you to unmask her true feelings.

silent woman

  • Ask her direct questions instead of open-ended questions.

One way to coax a woman to speak her true feelings is to ask direct questions that require a general “yes” or “no” response. Even if she still intentionally avoids answering your question, you will be able to get a sense of her true feelings by the nature of the questions she tries to avoid.

  • Reassure her that her feelings and opinions matter to you.

Some women are hesitant to express their true feelings, because they are afraid to appear selfish, willful, or forward. In these instances, gently encourage her to say what is really on her mind.  Many women unconsciously expect men to know what’s on their mind. Although this thought process may seem obviously illogical to a man, in the moment, most women will not reason this way. A gentle reminder that you cannot read her mind is a good way to get your point of view across without upsetting her.

  • Invite her to express herself at a later time when she knows what she wants.

In many cases, women are not even sure why they feel the way they do. In these instances, when your woman really has no clue what she wants or what she feels at the moment, it is best to simply invite her to tell you when she is ready and understands her feelings better. Pressing her for an immediate explanation under such circumstances may leave her feeling more insecure and frustrated with you. However, when you invite her to take time to search within herself and then share her feelings with you at a later time, this manner will make her feel loved and supported. It is important, however, that you follow through with her by making yourself available, when she is ready to talk. To neglect her when she is ready to express her feelings will have the opposite effect and will leave her with the impression that you were never genuinely interested in her feelings to begin with.

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