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The Sensitive Autumn Man and Season of Lasting Romance

Written by Christina, Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 in Dating Columns, Sex & Dating

The Sensitive Autumn ManAutumn, the notorious deer mating season, has been found to have similar sexually- stimulating effects on humans as well. As the summer heat plummets and the autumn chill hits, testosterone in men sky rockets, making the fall the best time of year to fall in love and find a mate to snuggle up with for winter.

Fall, the Unsuspecting Season of Love

Unlike the summer heat, which may bring short-lived flings, the autumn brings out a chiller, more serious yet more sentimental side of relationships. For those searching for a long-term relationship or that life-time partner, autumn may be your lucky time of year.

Single and Open to Mingle?

Cozy coffee shops, bars, and lounges are probably the best places to meet single women this fall. Excellent fall date ideas include movie nights, fine dining, hiking, camping, and visiting a farm or the zoo.

Sensitive Autumn Man 4

Are Women Affect by the Change in Season, too?

While men experience a steep incline in hormone production in the fall, women experience “hibernation syndrome.” Women become more emotionally vulnerable due to the colder temperatures, which make them more inclined to beginning new romantic relationships, if they are not already involved with someone. Just as animals are getting ready to settle down and snuggle up for the winter, women, too, hope to find someone to keep them warm through the cold days ahead.

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