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Saving Your Relationship, One Argument at a Time

Written by Danielle, Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 in Dating Columns, Sex & Dating

We have all been there; that epic battle between the sexes and no man willing to back down from their ground. If you haven’t had that unescapable argument yet, then either you’re dating the wrong person or it is swiftly on its way. This is the argument that tops all others. I am stubborn and therefore, naturally, I am always right. But, so is my boyfriend, ergo, the epic clashing heads battle.

So, you want to know how to survive this? It’s actually quite simple. If you want the relationship to still last, you need to apologize. Because, let’s be real, she’s not going to because she’s right too. Even if she’s dead wrong trust me, she’s right. And that is exactly how she’s going to see it, so if you want to keep your relationship going, swallow your pride. Swallow your ego and hush that barking voice in your head telling you that you have won, that you are right, and under no circumstance should you give in. You will have plenty of battles to win, but if you want this relationship to keep going, this isn’t the one.

Apologize. That is the only way to keep this thing alive. And by doing so, not only will you throw out the possibility of a messy-wrenching break-up, but you will also win her over on so many levels. The power an apology and a, yes A, one single rose have over a girl is so uncanny! My boyfriend and I had an argument, and we were sure it was a doozy; I mean he slept on the couch kind of a doozy. But, the next morning, a single stem rose and a card.  That’s it. That’s all it took.  We both completely forgot what the argument was about and were back to laughing and enjoying each other’s company as though nothing had happened.

If you really want to impress her and leave a lasting impression, get her flowers… just because! This is totally unrelated to coming back from an argument,. But definitely one to send her in the complete opposite direction of a fight! Rather than being angry, she will be so star struck in love with you that you will probably need to change your sex smelling sheets after this. Buying a girl flowers for no reason other than “just because,” even if she claims she doesn’t love flowers, BRILLIANT! There’s no telling whether or not the flowers will live for a day, a week, etc, but the simple thought alone and process of buying a girl flowers, and for no reason is the ultimate way to get hot and steamy.  TRUST ME. It’s like giving cocaine addicts cocaine. Not only will this help you out in the future, because she will remember that you bought her flowers simply because you love her and will be that extra pleasurable person you fell in love with in the first place. It’ll help in light of maybe a future argument too.

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