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What She’s Really Thinking When You Show Up Sweaty?

Written by Danielle, Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 in Featured, Fitness, Sex & Dating

sweatLet’s be real, when you show up gross, sticky and smelly, she’s not thinking about ripping off your clothes and licking your salt-ridden skin. However, sweat is sexy. I mean, I don’t want you to wipe your sweat on me or anything, even if you are a mix between Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth, and Brad Pitt. It’s still not sexy. You could be any of those guys, but please, don’t think that gives you the go ahead to wipe your wet sweat on me. But, that doesn’t mean that getting your sweat on and the reasons behind sweat are not sexy.

If you are overweight, obese, or even in top-notch shape, if you are going to gym working out, getting your sweat on to better the way you look and feel, that’s sexy. I am the least sexy person I know when I’m at the gym. I mean my face gets bright red from running; I’m drenched in sweat, literally. I mean I look like I shower in sweat when I’m at the gym, but that’s ok! It doesn’t matter how you look at the gym. This is such a common misconception that has lead 3 in 4 men, 75% of men in America to be obese! Whether it is fear or shame, a lot of the adult population is afraid of going to the gym because of how they currently look. But, it’s only by going to the gym that they can hope to change that statistic.

To women, sweat is sexy. It shows us that you are working hard to look good for us. Even though, realistically, the only way for workout patterns to stick is because of your own self goals, and the woman in your life has nothing to do with that, we still like think that we are the reason behind it. It makes us feel special, because, everything is about us. It’s just fact at this point. Women are very selfish, even the least selfish person is selfish in their own way. I like to volunteer at the animal shelter, so I selfishly make my boyfriend volunteer with me. It’s just fact.

But, I digress. When a woman sees you working hard and getting fit, or just trying to improve your health, she admires that. So, yes, sweat is sexy. It shows us that you care about your body and your external, as well as internal, opinion and appearance. You could be obese or just as ripped as Thor, work is work, and whether you’re maintaining, bulking up, or trying to shed the pounds, that’s hot, and trust me, we notice it.

Now, just because yea, it’s sexy that you’re in the gym working out and such, does not mean that the “hour after your workout aroma” is sexy. If you’re a guy that has bad BO, then don’t just let that linger. Some guys don’t really have a terrible BO, and that’s ok; it works for them. But, if you do, shower; that awful BO is so not sexy, and definitely not a way to get her hot and horny and thinking about other ways to bring out the sweat.

All in all, I’d say sweat, hell yea! But, be careful. I mean if you’re just drenched in sweat because you walked from the driveway to the front door, that’s not hot. We don’t actually care about that sweat. We won’t judge you because of it, but we’re not really tempted to rip off your clothes like you’re a bad-ass biker and we’re your sultry temptress. We like the “I just worked my ass off for you baby” sweat. That’s what gets us going and ready to pounce. One joke leads to a kiss, leads to the couch, which could very well lead to the bedroom. So, if you have BO, ruin the moment, shower, the moment can come back when you’re done and the blazing steam is emanating from your body; she’s still going to think you’re sexy then, too. If not, have fun!

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