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Interview: The Heart Bandits

Written by admin, Friday, April 8th, 2011 in Dating Columns, Sex & Dating

The Heart Bandits is a couple-run company that works behind-the-scenes helping men and women plan romantic dates and proposals. The idea of hiring a company to help you plan a proposal or even just a romantic date has been making quite a splash recently, even though the best work they do is incognito. Recently, Well Cultured interviewed The Heart Bandits about their proposal services and their ideas on romantic dates:

What does your service offer that other services do not typically provide?
The Heart Bandits is the only Proposal Planning Service that is operated by a male and female. This enables us to have both perspectives on what a proposal should be. With all female proposal teams, the man who is actually proposing can sometimes lose his voice and be overpowered by what the women think is the best idea. Because we have a male on our team, he helps us remember that this is also a very special day to the male. Also, the male on my team has a degree in engineering from MIT so we add a lot of really cool technical flare to our proposals. It is great to have someone on staff that knows how to do amazing technical things which can really add to the proposal. Besides Proposal Planning, we also offer a full-service Romance Concierge package where we will run all romantic errands for the client for a full year. This service is utilized by jet setting business professionals who want to do romantic gestures but just do not have the time.

How do women tip men off that they are interested in a proposal/marriage?
A lot of women just come out and say they are ready. For the women who prefer to be a little more subtle, they will bring up their married friends a lot, talk about your future together, comment about what kind of wedding they would want, they will mention what kind of ring they would want in the future, and they will also drop hints about how they hoped to be proposed to. Unfortunately, sometimes they give ultimatums too.

Reversing that question, are there any signs that tell you that a guy shouldn’t propose?
A man shouldn’t propose if he is not ready. If he is only proposing to shut the girl up or because he is afraid of losing her then he should not do it. He should only propose because he is truly in love with the woman and cannot imagine his life without her.

What are some of the essential aspects of a romantic date?
The most essential aspect of a romantic date is sincerity. You can take a girl to eat at the most amazing restaurant with the best views in the city or you can make her the most modest home cooked meal at home. As long as you are doing it because you genuinely love her and want her to feel special, that is all that maters.

What are some of the biggest flaws men make when it comes to the dating/proposing process?
The biggest flaw that men make in proposals is proposing in a way THEY think is cool. If a man thinks that proposing at a Dodger game would be so amazing because he is a huge fan, he isn’t taking her desires in to consideration. Also, men use too many generic ideas. He should propose in a way that is special and meaningful to the girl, not to someone else’s girl. The biggest flaw that they make in dating is similar. Once in a while it is ok to take her to a poker tournament and let her in on your interests. But to win her heart and make her feel really special, invest in HER interests.

Some guys may understandably feel that a flashy proposal risks embarrassing a date as well as the potential for rejection. How do you help mitigate these worries?
The fist thing you need to do is know the person you are proposing to. If you are at the stage where you are considering marrying someone, you should already know if they like to be at the center of attention. If your girlfriend is shy or hates being in the public eye, then a flashy proposal wouldn’t be a good idea. If she is on the fence, send her a youtube video of a flashmob proposal and see what her response is. Also, no matter how you propose, you should always be confident she will say yes.

We’ve all seen the boring Google search proposal ideas. How does one avoid being stereotypical with a proposal (or even a date) without balking tradition?
As I mentioned before, all proposals should be personalized. I don’t believe in using ideas off of the Internet. If you met at The Met, incorporate that in the proposal. If you had your first kiss on a boat, incorporate that. Nothing should be generic. The proposal should be based off of your interests, your memories, and your relationship.

You’ve displayed some ideas for engagement rings on your website. Do you have any tips for those interested in purchasing an engagement ring (or any jewelry, for that matter)?
Do your research! There are a ton of places that will scam you and take you to the cleaners. Make sure you find a trusted, reputable jeweler that you can trust. Yelp.com is a great resource.

A number of our readers are students and young professionals, many of which find themselves strapped for cash. Any advice on how to propose on a budget?
Proposals don’t have to cost a lot. As I said, just make it personal. Also, tap in to your resources. That is what Facebook is for! If you want to pull of a musical proposal, ask your friends to play for you. If you can’t hire a photographer, have a friend take shots from a distance.

You can learn more about The Heart Bandits at their website, www.theheartbandits.com

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