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Long Hair and Work

Written by admin, Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 in Q&As

Lots of my friends are telling me I should cut my shoulder-length hair before I go looking for a job. Is it that big of a deal?

Pretty much, yes.

In very few fields are you offered the opportunity to look however you want at an entry level position. If you are an artist or some other person in a creative field, you will likely have a lot more freedom as to how you dress. However, unquestionably, if you want to play in other fields — in business, finance, law, real estate, even retail positions — you’re going to have to look relatively normal and conservative. Until you are valuable enough to the world enough where people from your field would hire you if you wandered in without showering wearing stained pajamas, you should accept the fact that you need to play by the “rules” and fit into the mold a bit. As stupid as it is, most people in managerial positions — that is, typically, those over 30 — look down on long hair and other more relaxed looks, as such styles are typically associated with laziness and childishness.

Complain about it all you want, but it’s the truth. On a more aesthetic side, very very few men look good with long hair, and those same men typically look a bit better with shorter hair — you’ll probably improve your looks much more than you think.

That being said, unless you are the next Picasso, cut your hair. The “I want to be original with my hair” battle should not be fought to the detriment of your employ-ability during a recession.

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2 Responses to Long Hair and Work

  1. Paragon says:

    I agree. I loved my long hair (down to the middle of my back) and if I wasn’t balding and could get away with it, would grow it back — but get it cut. I am much better off having been able to land a solid office job than still living with my parents and working retail.

  2. Jenx says:

    I’m agreeing with this, and I had long hair for a good 5 years or so before I cut it a few weeks ago. See, if you’re someone like an artist or a musician or generally someone who works with more creative aspects of society – you can get away with going to work with one half of your head shaved and the other one painted green.

    If you are NOT however, like it or not you have to be clean shaven, with short hair and dressed well.

    Thank god I can draw!

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