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Marriage before or after college

Written by admin, Sunday, April 4th, 2010 in Q&As

I’m soon to be a college senior, and I have one more year before I graduate. I really want to propose to my girlfriend. Should I before or after I graduate?

After. No questions.

The biggest reason for this is fairly simple: you don’t have the time to be doing anything related to marriage. Getting through courses for one more year may seem really simple and straightforward, but in reality it is anything but — you need to focus on your studies especially hard senior year, when the infamous “senioritis” kicks in and you often face some of your toughest courses. It’s remarkably easy to think you’re “almost out”, but such thinking often leads people to underestimate the dedication required to completely finish your degree. I’m not saying it’s impossible, nor am I saying it’s anything close to it — but your GPA can be hard to keep.

As for other reasons why not, I’d say you likely don’t have the cash or the focus yet. As for the former, you likely don’t have the cash to not only pay for a wedding, but accommodate for the little things that will change if you get married — for example, getting an apartment if you currently live in dorms. Getting everything lined up appropriately costs cash, and it may not be as easy as you think. As for the latter, you don’t know how your relationship will change once the college world is gone — wait it out at least a year or more and see how your relationship changes when you graduate. Things can and will change.

So there you go. Calm yourself down, study, and at least wait a year.

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