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Written by admin, Sunday, December 20th, 2009 in Q&As

What do you think of piercings on men, specifically earrings/plugs? What is fashionable?

I’m going to be hated for my response to this. Allow me to be blunt: piercings are bad ideas. Very bad ideas.

My first reason for not liking piercings is purely aesthetic- on men, they don’t tend to be that fashionable at all. Even beyond earrings (which still carry the stigma of homosexuality, at least in certain configurations), piercings on the face and body tend to look childish and low class in most societies. Though it may be considered attractive in punk/hipster circles, even the most trashy of male celebrities tend to have the good sense not to pierce themselves up because they know it often is a clear detriment to their appearance. In a world where men’s jewelry is a tough field to deal with, men’s piercings are proverbial fashion landmines ready to destroy your looks. There’s nothing quite as odd as seeing a pierced-up guy trying to wear a business suit- it’s awkward, to say the least.

The second reason I have a distaste for piercings is because I know how they affect the way others see the pierced person. Piercings are, in standard Western society, often associated with lower class people and silly teenagers- a stereotype that, while it may be inaccurate, still is incredibly powerful. Having a piercing can easily prevent you from getting certain jobs, being respected in certain circles, and even prevent you from potential dates. Disagree with their perceptions as much as you like- it’s still a viable issue.

So there you have it. Rather than make body modifications, focus on clothing and styles that you can easily change. Just trust me.

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