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Dressing Well for Short Guys

Written by admin, Saturday, December 5th, 2009 in Q&As

Do you have any specific suggestions for short men to dress well?

There are a few ways to keep your silhouette looking nice if you are short, and they all generally revolve around fit and proportion.

First off, the biggest rule to follow is to avoid artificially widening yourself out- if you are short, you can easily run the risk of looking fat with the wrong clothing. Avoid wearing horizontal stripes, double breasted suits, baggy clothes of ANY kind, spread collar shirts, super baggy sweaters… you get the idea. These have a nasty tendency to in essence give the illusion of you being fat or ill-proportioned, which is something you want to avoid like the plague.

The big concept in dressing for shorter guys is in giving the illusion of height- something that can be done both by good clothing style as well as good proportion. Try to wear clothing that is as slim as possible- slim jeans, slim coats, slim shirts, you get the idea. Don’t wear super-skinny jeans or anything- just find something that clings to your body well without looking skin-tight. Try to fit everything proportionally- that is, don’t have over sized jeans or an over sized shirt- try to make everything “flow” well and seem well put together. Vertical lines are your friend. As a general rule, when purchasing clothes, try to stick with simpler colors- some tend to feel that makes shorter guys look better.

Other than that, though, don’t feel like you have to dress radically differently than anyone else. The biggest thing to worry about is fit- and so long as what you are wearing fits you well and is decently proportioned to your body, you will do wonderfully.

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