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Getting made fun of for fashion

Written by admin, Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 in Q&As

My buddies always make fun of what i wear. when I try to do something original or unique, they act like im going overboard, even when they just wear sweats and stuff. what do i do?

Fashion is fashion- that is, you shouldn’t feel guilty or otherwise lame because you are dressed well. However, the important thing to remember is simple: the difference between legitimate fashion and costume fashion.

I define “legitimate fashion” as fashion that you can wear for a clear purpose- that is, you have an “excuse” to wear it. Coats, shirts, pants, shoes- these are the kinds of things you are fully expected to wear. This also includes clothing that is accepted as the current fashion trend (like scarves)- basically, stuff that you can “get away with”.

“Costume fashion” is stuff that requires a lot more balls to get away with. This can include anything from trilbys, fedoras, ties, vests, necklaces, rings, etc. This is where you begin to get in trouble. Essentially, the idea here is that these are the things you wear for fashion only, and they rarely serve any form of other purpose other than making you look good.

Here’s the deal- being fashionable doesn’t require you go overboard. If you are walking around dressed like a clown, you are dressed too much. Fit your fashion to the circumstance- if you are in school, you can play around, but obviously you have no reason to walk around in a suit. Similarly, if you are working and expected to wear a suit, don’t run around with an ascot or something ridiculous like a bright pink suit- keep it classy. Fashion is generally best accepted when you take something traditional and give it a modern look, not when you try to become a walking Picasso painting.

Anyway, just ignore it. So long as you aren’t going overboard, you should not care.

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4 Responses to Getting made fun of for fashion

  1. AndYouWillKnowUs says:

    Well if you have an on-campus interview you should probably be and would be expected to be walking around in a suit.

    Also, rings are not always fashion accessories- married men for instance don’t wear a ring cause its fashionable, they do it cause otherwise their wives will kill them.

    Despite my nitpicking, I rather agree with this. Keep fashion to what is needed to be worn- and for the love of god/scientific reason (whichever is your kick) sunglasses are usually not necessary, especially those of the giant variety that take up your face.

  2. Yum22Yum23 says:

    Again, I’ll throw an Exception on Hat.wear(), hats came to be because they were needed: protect your face/head from the rain or the sun mainly; so, unless you are wearing your hats inside, in which case you are _clearly_ DOING IT WRONG, I don’t see the problem.

  3. AbNo says:

    Bah, I call it jealousy. As the K-man says, as long as you’re not rocking a giant plumed hat and a hot-pink sport coat, as long as you look good, you’ll be all right.

  4. Some Dude says:

    Though I can’t say they are common, I wear a vest 365 days a year when I’m out of my house. I’m young, still in college, and ive never heard anything bad about it. Ive actually been wearing a vest nearly all the time for a few years, I got it a few winters ago when it was Cold, but not cold enough for my winter jacket, and I needed a light jacket. Of course, I wear a vest all the time now because of the USEFULLNESS. Having 2 large outside pockets(actually 3, but putting anything big in the outside breast pocket looks bad) is great, as well as a nice inside breast pocket for my wallet and keys. I carry my phone, MP3 player, pens, wallet keys, glasses case, headphones(medium sized ones), and a water bottle pretty much all the time with ease. And it ALSO keeps me just as warm as a light jacket year round. Not to say I dont think it looks nice, but I wouldn’t throw away vests as being only for fashion. That being said, I don’t think suit vests should ever be done non-formally.

    And now I just realized I’m responding to a 3 month old writeup.

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