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Plateauing and Cutting

Written by admin, Saturday, January 26th, 2013 in Q&As

I’ve been on a cut and I’ve noticed my gains and my strength are decreasing. What can I do to stop this?

Stop cutting.

No, really. Unless you’re on some sort of insane cocktail of steroids, it’s very difficult to continue to make any significant strength/size gains while significantly cutting fat. The reason for this should be fairly obvious. Without fuel, your muscles are not going to do a damn thing other than, at best, maintain their current size.

This is really why a good bulking/cutting routine is in order, especially if you want to do any sort of cutting at all. During the winter, when it’s less likely that you will have your shirt off, do not hesitate to eat more and weight lift heavier. The focus in this situation should be less cardio (but not no cardio) and heavier, shorter lifting sessions, followed by insane bouts of eating. Once you get some nice gains under your belt (or once you get the idea in your head that you want to run around shirtless), begin a cut and expect a 10%+ reduction in your strength.

Yes, I know, it sucks. But thus is life.

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    i have been following the blogs for a while and I would like to cpntribute to the cause.

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