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Glasses and Fashion

Written by admin, Sunday, April 24th, 2011 in Q&As

What’s considered stylish when it comes to glasses? I get the feeling that the rectangular thick-framed “hipster” style isn’t exactly a great idea, but I’m not sure on anything aside that.

Glasses are special in the fashion world: for the most part, if you want to look good, it’s always better to follow what fits your face and what looks good on you as opposed to what the current trends are.

In any case, there are general “rules” that most people follow:

  • If you have a round or oval face, wear square or rectangular glasses. The idea is to bring contrast and to avoid making your entire face look round and pudgy. Naturally, avoid any types of frames that make your face look wider.
  • If you have a square or “heart-shaped” face, rounded glasses tend to look better. Again, the contrast works better, and it keeps your face from looking overly geometric.
  • Avoid wild colors, and try to match the color of the frames with your hair. Stereotypical clunky black frames (i.e. hipster frames) can look really dumb on those without black hair — thus, stick with something that compliments your hair or even closely matches it. Doing so will allow you to wear the glasses with virtually any outfit.
  • Keep things classy. Because glasses last a lot longer than fashion trends, stick to glasses that are understated and classy, not gaudy and branded. You don’t want to feel dated because you took good care of your glasses.

Still, these tips rarely work out in real life — it’s ridiculously hard to determine what kind of face you have, let alone what category certain styles fall into. Thus, the best advice I can give is simple: bring a friend and evaluate what glasses fit you best.

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