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Dressing for the Summer

Written by admin, Friday, April 8th, 2011 in Q&As

Any tips for dressing well during summer? Particularly in climates where it’s too hot to wear anything heavier than shorts and a shirt.

When you live in a climate that’s too hot to layer, your options are ridiculously limited, but you still have plenty of options.

First off, focus on light, comfortable tops that breathe. As I’ve mentioned before, military shirts are a good option, as are lighter cotton shirts (like J.Crew’s lightweight washed shirts). Avoid anything that’s made out of real linen, for the most part such shirts cannot be washed easily and they require lots of ironing. For cooler evenings, try to find summer weight blazers or very very light jackets — while unlined blazers can feel somewhat cheap, they are much more bearable in the heat. Though chambray and flannel tend to be thicker cloths more suited to spring/fall weather, many brands carry lighter weight versions of these shirts in the summer — Gap did so last year, though probably more to be cheap than to be summer-friendly.

Don’t feel like you’re stuck wearing shorts — lighter pants work wonders. Again, look for thinner, lighter, breathable fabrics — lighter khakis, jeans, and the like. From my personal experience, washed/colored jeans tend to be noticeably thinner than raws or barely-washed indigo jeans, so consider varying your wardrobe with some lighter colored washed jeans (so long as they don’t look too 80s, of course).

Nonetheless, if you want shorts, remember that they should be longer than your mid-thigh but no farther than your knee. Many brands — Urban Outfitters and J.Crew come to mind — are selling reasonably priced shorts that have more modern cuts.

As for dealing with sweat, I’ve covered a bit of that topic here, but my basic recommendations have always been to wear an undershirt, exercise more, and drink lots of water.

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