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Purple Sweater Fashion

Written by admin, Sunday, January 2nd, 2011 in Q&As

Hey there, Wellcultured. Loving the site; I wish there were more articles to read! Haha. Anyway, I bought a purple Cashmere V-Neck sweater yesterday. The fit is surprisingly great. Although to me, purple during Winter seems a bit too bright (correct me if I’m wrong?). So for Spring, what could I pair with it for a flattering look?

First off, as for the purple sweater, I don’t think even the brightest purple would be too bright for winter — while there’s a (weak) argument to be made that lighter pants are inappropriate in winter, you can do pretty much anything you like above the waist in winter, even brightly colored sweaters. Don’t be afraid to wear color.

As for a spring look, I think you could do a number of things. For a more winter-y look, I’d pair charcoal/gray/black pants or even dark indigo jeans with the sweater, with a lighter shirt underneath and, depending on your taste, a tie. For a more traditional spring/summer look, wear a light pair of classic khakis without a shirt or with a lighter, less formal oxford cloth shirt. I’ve even seen light purple sweaters done well when paired with white jeans, if you want to be bold. Purple works with a huge variety of colors, so feel free to experiment — just avoid colors like green, red, or lighter blues, which tend to clash.

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