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How To Find Love Energy Through Yoga

Written by Emily, Saturday, August 26th, 2017 in Featured, Fitness

Most yogis find yoga to be a deeply spiritual practice. With the controlled breathing and movements, you can make it easier to relax your mind and meditate. This can help you get in touch with yourself.

What many newbies to yoga don’t understand is that yoga can also be a social practice. When you go to a yoga class, you are moving and breathing with everyone else in the room. You’re all going to the same spiritual level, working on getting to a meditative state.

This breeds the same type of energy in everyone in the class, and it can lead to a lot more. Those that do yoga together stay together, and many people even meet through their yoga class!

If you’re looking to try and form a deeper connection with someone or if you’re just trying to find someone who is functioning on the same level as you are, yoga is the right place to start.

Finding Common Ground

You’re going to have the same type of love energy as most people that you do yoga with. While everyone is going to be different, there are plenty of factors in common.

First, everyone in your class is practicing yoga. That already demonstrates a desire to improve both physically and mentally.

Second, people in yoga classes tend to have the same habits. Health is a pretty obvious habit among yogis. Regular practice is proven to reduce stress, ease back pain and help in other ways.

Along with these habits, people in your class are going to be drawn to the same types of things. You all do yoga, so there’s a good chance that you are all wearing yoga clothes. Yoga wear  can be an extension of the body, and the right clothes will help you represent who you are on the inside. Also,  you might want to use yoga mats  and make your practice even more comfortable.

Combine all of this and you have a group of people that are functioning in the same way. This is an excellent place to foster your love energy while getting on the same wavelength as someone else.

Building Better Relationships

The like-mindedness of people in yoga classes is a big draw for many newcomers. Yoga is a welcoming activity, and you are unlikely to find disagreeable people in most classes.

This is why yoga is such a great way to meet new people. Everyone there is challenging themselves to become better, but they aren’t competing against anyone else. This creates an environment that is supportive unlikely anything else.

Finding your love energy becomes much easier when you’re in this type of environment. You’ll notice that you’re quickly forming bonds with other people in the class.

If you want to improve yourself, yogis are the right people to surround yourself with. They are constantly striving to become better, and they’re welcoming and willing when it comes to helping you do the same thing.

Creating A Stronger Spirit

Your love energy and how it pertains to others isn’t the only thing that’s going to improve during yoga.

After practicing yoga for a while, you’ll notice that you’re much more comfortable in your own skin. Yoga is all about finding out what your limits are, trying to push them and gradually becoming better all around.

However, you won’t just become more flexible – the more you meditate, the more you’ll have to reflect on your own abilities. The closer you look at yourself, the harder it can be to like what you see.

By practicing yoga, you’ll not only look at yourself in a realistic way, but you’ll also come to understand that who you are doesn’t really matter to anyone but you. Deep meditation will help you gain the self-security that most people desire.

It also helps to be surrounded by people who are on the same journey. Self-awareness is built through yoga, but you’ll also be aware of everyone around you.

Your love energy is going to increase the more you practice yoga. You’ll find like-minded people who you connect with easier while improving your own respect for yourself. It’s pretty hard to say no to yoga when you realize that the benefits extend way beyond your mat!

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