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The Fashionable Man’s Guide To Skinny Jeans

Written by Syntax-Error, Thursday, December 18th, 2008 in Fashion, The Style Guide


If you’ve made a trip to the mall recently, then you have probably seen guys wearing “skinny Jeans”. Now, let me say that this particular fit can be fashionable, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, skinny jeans are not for everyone, as the name implies, this particular fit is for skinny guys. Secondly, do not get a “boot cut” as this is better left for “strait leg” fit. Another detail to avoid is loud colours; if you want to be stylish, go for a nice indigo or sulphur black wash. Next, try them on if possible, different brands run different sizes and shrink or stretch differently too. Avoid getting a pair that is too tight, or you may end up with a pair that shrinks to an unbearable fit. If trying on a pair of jeans is not your thing, then wrap the waist of the jeans around your neck and if the two ends touch it should fit. Also, make sure you get the proper length, you want a little bit of play (about 2-4 inches) so you can achieve stacking which makes a stylish accentuation. Now that we’re covered the basics, here are some brands that make fashionable skinny jeans.


Nudie Jeans Co: A Swedish company specializing in raw and selvage denim which is made with the best Japanese, Italian, Turkish and U.S. denim fabrics. Nudie Jeans has a fantastic line of denim with a great look and fit.

Cheap Monday: Another Swedish company who offers affordable jeans that looks great and fit great too. An average pair of Cheap Mondays usually retail around $65 not going much higher than that and most styles extremely fitted so there are many choices.

Dry Bones: A Japanese denim company that is heavily 40’s and 50’s rock inspired with its timeless denim line. Dry Bones has flown under the radar for quite some time as this company is almost 20 years old, but with great looking and fitting jeans it’s hard to ignore such a great line.
Helmut Lang: Austrian clothing brand that is famous for their minimalist design and quality fabrics. Helmut Lang is a great label and has great denim.
Skinny jeans can be fashionable, but you got to know what to look for. Follow this guide and you too can pull off The Skinny Jean.

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19 Responses to The Fashionable Man’s Guide To Skinny Jeans

  1. AndYouWillKnowUs says:

    I think skinny jeans can be done right, but much of what was pictured was them being done wrong- especially that second to last one, that just looks horrible. The first and last pictures are skinny jeans done quite nicely, from this view at least.

    I’m a voracious people watcher and this much I have noticed: Skinny jeans actually seem to look better on people with asses. So I think that should definitely be noted. No ass leaves you with this nasty folding in the back of the pants because your body does not fit the jeans. So, like everything else, a proper fit is very important to “doing it right.”

    • Syntax-Error says:

      I do agree with your comment regarding people with asses, however most of what that has to do with is the fit in the rear for a particular brand. Some have more room for for people with bigger asses, so choosing a brand with a good fit is important, which ties back to trying them on.

      On the note about the pictures, I chose those to illustrate the brands first and foremost, which unfortunately don’t choose the best models as you pointed out. I will update this article as soon as I can find some better pictures and more brands.

  2. Dennis says:

    I bought two pairs of skinny jeans about 6 months ago; I wanted to try this style out and the jeans ended up suiting me well.
    The pairs I own are from Gap.

  3. Dennis says:

    I forgot to include that you should not wear a large shirt while wearing skinny jeans. Try to wear a tighter/smaller shirt, otherwise it will look bad with the jeans.

  4. AndYouWillKnowUs says:

    Just a quick question: Can these be bought from brick and mortar stores (if so, where?), or just online? I have a rather limited pool of stores in this state to get to, but I’d rather avoid online shopping.

    Also, I’d suggest a price range or a simple link to some place selling the jeans for each one. Yes, there’s google but I and others are likely lazy bastards.

  5. wallaby says:

    This guide feels incomplete. Half of knowing how to wear something is knowing what to wear WITH it, while you focused mainly on brands. So if you’re going to update it later, you might try expanding on that a little.

  6. buh says:

    No love for Levi 510s or 511s? :|

    • Syntax-Error says:

      I’m glad you mentioned this because I am almost done with the follow up to this article. I will include Levis in the new article.

  7. glarg says:

    but i cant wear skinny jeans because my nuts dont fit

  8. Gabriella says:

    Anyone can post a picture of a guy wearing a skinny jeans that doesn’t look good. But there are heaps of guys who actually do look hot in skinny jeans, like those here. =D

    Incidentally, I’ve just came across an online petition calling for the banning of men’s Skinny Jeans.


    and the latest two comments were quite hilarious.

    By Katie (I guess she like a “hairy” gorilla for a boyfriend.)
    I’m a somewhat masculine woman, so I hate it when guys wear skinny jeans. I like guys who look more masculine than I am. I hate those pretty boys and prefer REAL men. Some pretty guys, especially those androgynous Asian ones makes me really jealous. lol. ^^ A real man should be big and macho, with a thick jawline and big arms and thigh (not gayish skinny), and have hair on his body, arms and legs. I wish this stupid metrosexual culture would go away soon. Guys should only be allowed to wear baggy jeans, not jeans designed for girls, unless you’re a sissy. If you’re a man, BE A MAN and obey the rules of being one. A REAL WOMAN like macho, aggressive, masculine REAL MEN. Not girly looking wussies.

    By “REAL MAN”. (This one, I suspect was posted as a tongue-in-cheek…Hilarious!)


  9. D says:

    That is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read.

  10. D says:

    LOL Gabriella, that is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read.

  11. Luk3 says:

    >> that is the most rural, olded-ages, 1300’s thing ive ever read!! in case you were sleeping –> the world is changing!! flower power babii;)

  12. Tristen says:

    With jeans priced from $12.00 for a pair of Wranglers to $200.00 for designer jeans and now designer jean stores are opening up from Las Vegas to New York, looks like they are here to stay. Who would ever think the blue jean would get so popular when Strauss started his business?

  13. DukeOfOrange says:

    How about APC? They are somewhat of a non-brand, but it’s great stuff.

  14. Audrey says:

    After seeing my boy on stage wearing skinny jeans (he is a musician) i said to him: hey, you looked damn hot in those. Why don’t u wear skinny jeans more?
    After that comment he went and got more of skinny jeans and wears them nearly all the time now. Love it! XD

  15. Inoxia says:

    I tend to avoid these designer jean companies, such as Nudie, Cheap Monday, etc.
    However, I own exclusively skinny jeans, and always have. The companies who made them are Fallen, Krew, Enjoi and a few others. Anyway, are these “fashionably acceptable”? They are washed out grays, some blue, and a couple bright pairs I seldom wear. Most have some holes here and there, around the knees mostly, too. I am aware that intentionally torn jeans were at some point ‘cool’ (hahahahahahahahahahahaha), but these were accidental, and I worry that I give the impression I’m trying to be trendy with them… Should I just throw these out?

    • Syntax-Error says:

      You might try the designer brands, I’ve found that they are made better and feel better. There’s no harm in trying them on.

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