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What to Wear While Working Out

Written by Francesca, Sunday, August 21st, 2016 in Doing it Right, Fashion, Featured, Fitness

Running on a treadmill thereby including some aerobic exercising

You most certainly don’t need to look fashionable in order to work out, but having the right clothes certainly helps. Looking the part can motivate you to exercise, and having proper gear ensures a safer and more effective session. These basics will get you looking stylish and feeling ready to prove your strength.

Moisture-Wicking Shirts

There’s a better way to exercise than with a regular t-shirt that easily and visibly gets soaked with sweat. Eliminate sweat spots with a shirt that’s designed to wick away moisture. This still applies in the wintertime, too.

Tailored Track Pants

It’s best to leave the sweats to Rocky and the tear-away, snap-button pants to those stuck in the 90s. Look more modern in tailored track pants. The better fit makes movement easier and lowers the chance of your pant leg getting caught on fitness gear.

Supportive Underwear

Don’t forget about what’s underneath your pants. Wearing supportive, athletic underwear makes exercising more comfortable. The material keeps you cool and dry to reduce sweat, odor, and chafing.

The Right Footwear

When it comes to exercise and sports, shoes are not all-purpose. Match the shoe with the activity for the best stability, flexibility, comfort, and safety. If you participate lightly in multiple types of physical activities, a cross-trainer may be sufficient. Wear merino wool socks for the best combination. Merino wool is moisture absorbent, odor resistant, and blister preventive.


Tracking your workouts makes setting and reaching goals easier. Invest in a fitness tracker, such as the FitBit. You can also use a phone app and keep your phone in an armband for easy access. If you like to work out to music, find earbuds that fit properly in your ears so they’ll stay, and get a clip to keep wires out of the way.

Find a Balance

Don’t go overboard and buy every trending or professional item for your chosen activity. Get only what you need and what makes you feel good so you can maintain your workout regimen and reach your health goals.

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