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Holiday Fashions You Should Avoid and What to Wear Instead

Written by Francesca, Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 in Fashion, Seasonal Fashion

shirt-933671_960_720The holidays are filled with good cheer, good food, and good will toward all men. Unfortunately, they’re also filled with bad fashion. As you go about this season, stay away from these tacky trends and go for these more tasteful alternatives instead.

Holiday Colors

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you have to wear red and green to every event you attend. If you enjoy being festive, however, look classier in darker hues, such as crimson or forest green. Another option is to have a pop of bright color in your scarf, belt, or hat.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

There’s a reason why these are called ugly. Unless you’re invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party, don’t wear one. Make your nod to the season with Nordic patterns on an upscale sweater or your accessories.

Cheesy Ties

When the office party comes around, leave your cheesy Christmas ties in your closet. Better yet, donate them to charity because you shouldn’t have bought them in the first place! More sophisticated choices are thin stripes, plaid, and solid colors. If you’re unsure about a pattern, then use this guideline: if it looks like wrapping paper or a candy cane, don’t wear it.

North Pole Gear

If you don’t work at the mall or a children’s store, leave the Santa hat, reindeer antlers, elf hat, jingle bells, and anything else childish or kitschy to those who live at the North Pole. If you want to wear something on your head, go with a fedora or slouchy beanie instead.

If you remember these rules as you dress for all your functions, you’ll be able to maintain both your style and the holiday spirit.

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3 Responses to Holiday Fashions You Should Avoid and What to Wear Instead

  1. Francesca says:

    I forgot to mention that wearing gold, silver, or wintry blue is another great option.

  2. Good stuff! I especially like the advice on wearing the holiday colors without having to resort to the brighter options. Forest green and crimson surely announce your holiday spirit without being cheesy.

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