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A Basic Skin Care Routine for Men

Written by Sophia, Sunday, September 17th, 2017 in Doing it Right, Fashion, Featured

The well-groomed man knows just how important it is to have quality skin care. With great looking skin, men are more confident and better equipped to take on the world. Men that have relatively normal skin may think skincare isn’t necessary, but that isn’t the case. Skincare professionals and dermatologists agree that skincare is essential to a healthy life. In addition to making you look incredible, healthy skin stays younger longer. Deciding to take charge of your skin is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

Basic Skincare: How to Get Started

Adopting a basic skincare routine is one of the simplest ways to change your skin for the better. Any man can put his best face forward with the use of a few products and a couple of trips to the salon or barbershop. With daily care, men that suffer from itchy, dry, oily and scarred skin can experience the bliss of a fresh face. You can start by trying out skincare basics or by researching different products that are tailored specifically to your skin type and condition.

When starting with the basics, the first step of any skincare routine is applying sunscreen each day. When used daily, sunscreen works to keep skin looking fresh and taut for years. With the sun’s damaging rays, even healthy skin can take a beating. Using skincare to combat the ultraviolet rays of the sun will ensure your skin continues to breathe easy.

Another solid product in the arsenal of men’s skincare is moisturizer. When used regularly, moisturizer works to bring back the skin of your youth. Without daily moisture, your skin is more likely to develop deep wrinkles and fine lines, leaving your body and face looking much older. In addition to taking years off your skin, moisturizer will give your face that natural glow back.

In addition to moisturizer, all men should also look into using eye cream as way to keep the thin skin around the eyes as fresh and bright as possible. Most men never consider using eye cream as part of their skincare routine. However, it is essential as we get older. As men age, the lines under the eyes become heavier. With the ultra-hydrating formulas in eye cream, men can treat these under-eye wrinkles effectively the same way with hair growth vitamins.

Stepping it up with Professional Skincare

Like basic skincare, the general grooming routines of shaving and showering are essential to manhood. While many men may live life without ever taking a trip to the salon or getting a great cut at a professional barbershop, seeking out the services of a licensed cosmetologist or experienced barber can change your life.

A professional shave and a nice manicure are all invaluable aspects of skincare. Making an appointment with a student that is taking cosmetology classes or a stylist that is trained professionally in the esthetic and cosmetology industry is a guarantee that your visit to the salon will be a great one. With a professional barber or someone that has gone to barbering school, men can rest easy knowing that their cut and shave is in experienced hands. The same cannot be said for the average guy that goes the discount barbershop or even for the men that cut their own hair.

The only problem that men face when taking care of their skin is dealing with the stigma that people associate with men taking care of themselves. Take a chance to break out of the stereotype to see what a trip to the salon can do for you. Making the time care for your skin, get a clean cut, and have a relaxing shave is a part of what makes being a man so enjoyable.

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