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Style Tips for Winter Weather

Written by admin, Wednesday, November 7th, 2007 in Fashion, The Style Guide

Well, it’s officially getting chilly and windy here on the East Coast of the US, and for most of us above the Equator, it means it’s getting cold, and obviously this throws a kink into that whole “go out and show your abs” thing, because you’ll freeze to death. So what is there to do, fashion-wise, whilst in the cold of winter?

First of all, treat Winter like a nice little fashion blessing. If you’re porky or a bit ugly body-wise, this is your time to go out and get ripped. Why? Because you can safely wear thick clothing and then reveal your nicely fit self in the summer next year. Sure, it’s a long term goal, but never think of Winter as making you uglier or restricting you fashion-wise- it helps a lot. Even if you don’t have body issues, winter is the time to break out some fashion you can never wear normally- wool coats, scarves, and everything else that define awesome.

So, here we have them: 5 quick tips that will help as you go shopping (or dig out your “cold” clothing) this season.

1. Sweats are hideous. I said it. I have no idea why it has become so popular for twentysomethings to wear sweat suits and the like- it may just be the wannabe athletes, but it’s still foolish and gaudy, if not simply lazy. If you are going to wear something heavy, it better not look like you just rolled out of bed.

Jean-Paul Belmondo in a tweed coat and scarf combo.2. Scarves are your friend. Seriously. It may be a little odd at first, but they keep your neck warm (which is nice) and also serve to make you look better. Learn to tie a scarf properly (I’ll make an article on that soon) and do it well, and you will always look fashionable- while keeping your neck warm at it. Go for scarves that are brightly colored or of noticeable color- they will go nicely with the typically drab colors that comprise standard winter wear.

3. Lots of fashion writers agree: get a leather jacket and wear it, especially now in the fall. Leather jackets can be very classy- they aren’t cheap and brightly colored, and they look mature and sleek. Just get one that looks reasonable (Eddie Bauer had some good ones last year) and it will last you centuries. This being said, when you do get a jacket, go basic- while it should be tailored, avoid overblown styles, as a standard leather jacket will last you years, far beyond the reach of most fads.

4. Now is the time to stop wearing t-shirts and flip flops. Being seen in this kind of outfit makes you look stupid, not brave. Make it a rule not to wear any of that stuff from now on: even if it’s “hot” inside, you look more seasonal accommodating to the weather outside. If things get warm, roll up your long sleeved shirts and rock that out- just don’t go back to your summer-y stuff. An always safe standby is to break out heavier knit shirts and wear them (such as oxfords)- while they retain a semblance of summer style, they are much more substantial against cold weather.

5. Darker colors are your friend. Summer is the time in which you can get away with white pants and the like, but now that it’s winter, you want to avoid being TOO summery- and that includes wearing ALL white, like some sort of overly tanned porn star. While you obviously should avoid being bland, you can always safely get away with wearing more “urban” colors (darker greys, greens, blues, and the like) and look like you actually acknowledge Winter exists. Like I mentioned above, pairing this with a bright scarf or a nicely colored shirt will look stylish and chic- and not gaudy.

6. Avoid The North Face and other stereotypical winter wear. The North Face was meant for heavier wear, not wear when the wind chill only puts the weather at 40 degrees- and to boot, the jackets are ugly and overdone. There are many better options available that are much cheaper.

So there you have it. For those of you in the far north, much of this will apply to you sooner than later- but it will all hit us sometime. Just don’t freeze!

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