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The 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide

Written by admin, Sunday, November 14th, 2010 in Fashion, Seasonal Fashion

The Well Cultured 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide

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3 Responses to The 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide

  1. d says:


    I thought we had already proven that spot reduction was a myth?

    Overall, this is a pretty bad list. People usually don’t like being gifted subscriptions, everyone who wants an ipod(or shuffle) already has one, steam gifts don’t allow returns, and books on fashion and lifting are only for a very select audience.

    Scarves and ties are good though. I’ve found that the best received gifts are high-quality accessories the other person doesn’t have, a nice bottle of wine/whiskey, or in the case that you know someone who wants a specific thing but isn’t going to buy it for themelf, you buy that.

  2. wallaby says:

    I’ve given a few months of Netflix before as a gift, always goes over well. Now my family is subscribed and I can’t give it anymore!

    Books in general are good gifts to give, although you will need to know what kind of things your person-in-mind likes to read. The tie and scarf pictured above are outrageously expensive; I would advice the financially-savvy anonymous to shop elsewhere than J.Crew.

  3. Yum22Yum23 says:

    Shouldn’t those recommended readings be moved to ‘style’ and ‘health’, instead of being advertised as reading per se as opposed to literature?

    Due to the festive nature of the event, pop-up books make a very amusing choice, they cover a large variety of subjects with a more visual and artistic touch (Architecture and typography, for example, will be a hit for my grandparents).

    These, however, do not encompass everything, and there is _nothing_ wrong with offering a good book, classics are a given, ‘antique & collectable books’ are often revered (dictionaries, history books, fine prints).
    Arts & crafts books (cooking, woodworking, leatherworks, braiding, etc) find themselves a good public, scientific and scientific vulgarisation can be very well received, or spring new interests (I, for one, love my national geographic atlas of the world),
    though one should be careful with the ‘prerequisites’ of such books, some are more accessible than others (one which I too often suggest is C.Alexander’s ‘Timeless way of Building’), it is up to you to assess.

    You should also consider using your knowledge of certain things to craft someone a special present.

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