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A look at the Banana Republic Monogram Collection

Written by admin, Sunday, June 29th, 2008 in Fashion, Seasonal Fashion

I was recently informed that Banana Republic, a company that I have long touted the wonders of, has released a new line of clothing known as the “BR Monogram Collection“. Considered the upper tier of their line with “exquisite fabrics, distinctive details and modern silhouettes”, I was obviously quite interested in seeing this new line. Here are my thoughts.

First off, let me say one word: bravo. Banana Republic has come out with something for both sexes that takes current fashion and makes it sleek- it essentially has understood what made its clothing unique and gone a step further, a welcome step in this regard. My first and last thought at looking at this collection was, simply, that Banana Republic has finally taken a step forward in their fashion sense. Still, as usual, I have some issues with their collection- but overall, I’m impressed.

First off, the men’s section. Banana Republic’s mens style seems very classic, not stepping too far from the boundaries of fashion, but taking a step towards the direction of clothiers such as Ralph Lauren and Express, and even a slight touch of some Brooks Brothers-esque pompous design (which is actually well done). The main themes of the BR Monogram Collection are the use of greys and darker blues and browns- more businesslike modern colors that give off an aura of a city feel. The clothes aren’t that much different than what one would expect from a more affluent retailer- three piece suits, military cut jackets, and a very European-styled sweater and trenchcoat. BR Monogram is all about a kind of European refined elegance, far from being anything original or daring, but nonetheless welcome as a nice throwback to what I can only envision being traditional menswear.

The women’s BR Monogram collection has hits and misses, and unfortunately does not carry as much of the class as the men’s collection, sometimes toeing the line between vintage and antiquidated. Other than using a royal purple color to catch the eye, the collection features nothing but slightly boring dark greys, something one would expect more in a 50s/60s fashion collection than one in the 21st century. You can tell the designers wanted to counterbalance this with some classy draped dresses, but unfortunately only one of the tops (which resembles more of a glorified silk shawl) is anything but original. Still, I like the style- I think it has its place, simply not all of the time. This style would only truly have its place in a very hip workplace, playing to a particular look- one of a very Gattaca-esque tightwad sense. But not all the time.

Overall, I like the styles. I like the idea that Banana Republic is attempting to go further with its ideas, and it is trying to experiment in the more modern, classy field. Sure, there are some articles of clothing in their collection that feel foolish (mainly on the womens side- I’m willing to concede that even the men’s cardigan looks rather sharp), but overall the collection is solid and interesting. For men, this collection would be an interesting addition as a staple to your wardrobe- something that you could use as a base for more interesting styles, or even just something to give yourself a more classy air. For women, this collection is interesting, but by far nothing amazing- you could find yourself better styles elsewhere.

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3 Responses to A look at the Banana Republic Monogram Collection

  1. Yum22Yum23 says:

    I actually visited the BR store on regent street a few days ago, I have to say that the style for women is pleasantly conservative, but as has been said probably lacks a bit of modernity.(Have only had a few seconds to look around though)
    The men collection is nice, very fine fabric, though expectedly expensive, I am not fond of grey shades a lot, but I might just be mistaken as I’ve never really worn anything grey; I also still have to find andy common sense as to the matching of shirts on mannequins, which almost systematically features a too-tacky (thin vertical color stripes on white) shirt with a more formal waistcoat and/or jacket. But that is only their choice, not yours.
    On a side note, burberry coats and suits are extremely stylish, almost enough to make you forgive the price.

  2. Style Habits says:

    I love it, with some of the labels out there there is currently a movement for bringing back classic cuts, classic fabrics and simple designs.

  3. Men's Fashion Deals says:

    I love the Banana Monogram collection. It’s pricey, but it looks great. Banana Republic has really made some huge strides in the last few years in menswear. It is plain classy.

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