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Sex, And How to have more of it

Written by Danielle, Monday, May 18th, 2015 in Featured, Sex & Dating, Sex Q&A

sexSex is a healthy, natural, necessary thing in any relationship. It pleases emotional needs as well as intimacy needs and helps to keep partners close and feel connected. With the “oh so common” hustle and bustle of today’s world, it’s hard to pencil in some bedroom time; I understand. But there are many reasons why your sex life is lacking, and you and partner need to address it head on. If not, it could cause unhappiness, loneliness, and insecurity, so come on, let’s get back to the sheets!

Take a step back and seriously think about the last time you had sex. If you have found yourself in a sexless marriage or relationship, we can still fix this. In today’s world, life is busy. Far too often you experience life being too busy, too packed with activities and responsibilities that sex and your own personal release get put on the back burner until you actually forget how amazing and how necessary that release really is. It is so important to schedule in some sheet time. Limit the amount of electronics on or present when in the bedroom. There is nothing less sexy or more likely to ruin the mood than a loud annoying ring chiming in when you’re getting cozy with your lady. In fact, she will get so annoyed by the hour of the text/call that it could get ugly and turn into lights out and backs to each other.

Even though you and your significant other have busy lives, you need to make time to just be together. Sex is a very important way to communicate with one another and a vital way to connect and feel “together.” By neglecting to please one another, you are neglecting yourselves and neglecting your wants and needs. There is no time to neglect your own wants and desires.

Women want to feel sexy and if they don’t feel sexy, or don’t feel good about themselves, they are not likely to share their naked body with you. Doing a simple action such as sending a sweet text message to them reminds them that you are thinking about them. This seriously helps with foreplay and setting the stage for having sex that night. Call and leave a voicemail for them. This assures them that you are thinking of them, they are the only one on your mind, and that you miss them. These are especially great to do to keep a relationship strong if you do not see them every day. Tell them they are sexy and beautiful, and that you can’t wait to see them tonight. Even though this seems silly, it is something that will work.

When you have been with someone and are not quite at the point where you live together, seeing them every day is practically impossible. It’s necessary to keep the spark going. By calling them and saying things like “I just missed you,” “I wanted to hear your voice,” “I was thinking about you,” or anything along those lines will keep your relationship strong, and it will definitely turn up the heat in the sheets!

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