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Sex Like Wonder Woman: The Hot New Position That’s Taking Over Bedrooms

Written by Anna Jones, Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 in Sex & Dating, Sex Q&A

Want to have sex like a real Amazonian Wonder Woman? Then follow the path of sexually adventurous couples everywhere and try the hot new trend that they’re talking about: the Amazon sex position. It’s one that benefits and pleasures both parties, and the newest and coolest adventure to try in the bedroom. For simplicity, we will discuss it for a heterosexual couple, but of course, gay and lesbian couples (and other members of the LGBTQ+ rainbow) can also take part, so feel free to apply this technique to your specific relationship and/or partner! Here we go:

The Amazon

The position starts with the woman on top of the man. What makes this fun for a woman is that it is a dominant position. If you’re a woman, and you’re looking to play a more dominant role in the bedroom, then this is definitely the new position for you to try!

Have your guy lie on his back and bring his legs up, knees bent – think the “Happy Baby” pose in yoga. Squat down on top of him as he pulls his legs in towards his chest; be sure that they’re not in your way. Then, squat up and down to allow him to penetrate you. Be sure not to injure your dude, as his penis will be bending backwards – you don’t want a broken member on your hands (literally)!

Tips and Tricks

Thick thighs save lives – use your dude’s thighs to balance yourself, and make sure that no injury occurs while you’re trying out this fun new position. Keep in mind that you’re doing all of the work – your guy isn’t doing too much, so he will need some flexibility so that he can pull his legs up and get out of your way. He can help you out by using his thighs to bring you up and down on top of junior.

There are, of course, variations of the Amazon position, like the Kneeling Amazon and the Reverse Amazon; Kneeling substitutes, well, kneeling for squatting, and the Reverse is similar to Reverse Cowgirl, where you are performing the position with your back to your guy. The Reverse Amazon is reportedly much easier.

Make sure to communicate effectively with your partner about your likes and dislikes. You can even include a safe word to make sure that everyone is always on the same page. The best sex is open sex, so don’t be shy, and let us know how it goes!

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