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Are hoodies fashionable?

Written by admin, Saturday, March 6th, 2010 in Q&As

Are hoodies fashionable?

Not really. Hoodies are typically incredibly baggy and misshapen, which means that they do not flatter any sort of figure well. Most people associate them with laziness and juvenile outfits, which worsens the entire effect. This isn’t to say you can’t wear them from time to time, just don’t expect them to be considered remarkable in any way.

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2 Responses to Are hoodies fashionable?

  1. wallaby says:

    Yet as far as sweatshirts go, I still think that the hoodless sweatshirt is out. If you can find a hoodie which conforms to your figure (i.e. is in YOUR size) then it’s not so bad. Other warm-attire clothing choices seem to be moving toward cardigans, henleys, and sweaters.

  2. loopy says:

    I also find that if you use some light hooded clothing as part of layering, it can work rather well.

    Generally hoodies are a no for “fashion” though, even if they are comfortable.

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